Utah Sol vs Adrenaline

Utah Sol vs Adrenaline

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Past Stats:

Fall 2010 Utah Sol vs Adrenaline
Adrenaline wins 5-0

Spring 2011 Utah Sol vs Adrenaline
Adrenaline wins 3-0

Fall 2011 Utah Sol vs Adrenaline
Utah Sol wins 3-1

Today's game:
Utah Sol wins 3-2

Utah Sol still holding their ground!  Currently tied for 1st place.

Even though the final score was 3-2, it really was 3-1 since one of their goals they "scored" was actually scored by ourselves.  A defender meant to kick the ball out of the goal area and misjudged where it was in the air and it hit her shinguard instead of her foot.  Funny bounce off the shinguard, straight into our own goal.  Bugger.

So.  Utah Sol was doing really well at the beginning of the game.  Dominating, mostly.  Then we scored that darn goal on ourselves.  1-0, Adrenaline.  Boo.  After a little bit, we scored a goal in the correct goal. 1-1, Utah Sol.  After halftime, we scored again.  2-1, Utah Sol.  And then just to be safe, we scored again. 3-1, Utah Sol.  With a few minutes left, Adrenaline knocked in a free kick.  It was an awesome goal.  Almost impossible for my keeper to have stopped.  The defense held their ground for the last few minutes and at the final whistle the score was 3-2, Utah Sol.

Way to go, Sol!

Goals Scored:
Riley (PK)
Ashton (own goal)

Current Stats: 2-0-1


Friday, March 30, 2012

We went to the Kings vs Jazz game with Ryan & Rachel tonight.  Traffic was horrible down to Salt Lake due to spring break, general conference, and a million mission reunions so we didn't make it to the arena until the end of the first quarter but the game was so exciting! T & I were really excited to finally get to wear our Kings jerseys that we bought last summer.  We got them at 50% off when the Kings thought they were leaving Sacramento and all the apparel went on sale.  My jersey is a child's medium so I was afraid it wouldn't fit with my baby bump but there was just enough room!  I thought baby would go nuts with all the noise in the stadium but he slept right through the whole game.  Kings won right at the end of the game by just ONE point!!  It was totally awesome and we were so proud to be wearing our Kings jerseys on the way back to the car.

Go Kings!!
Yayyy!! We're number 1!! Or...we won by 1 point! (I'm not sure why he is holding up one finger.  One of those two things, I think).  Notice the stands are practically empty.  This is after the game so the *embarrassed* Jazz fans were clearing out very quickly.

After the game we headed back to Provo (which took forever due to construction) and stopped at the Creamery on Ninth for delicious ice cream!  On the way home, baby was kicking and moving like crazy so Daddy got to feel ALL kinds of movement!!  Hooray!!

We didn't get home until almost midnight which is so late for us these days!  We had such a fun night with R&R!!
Utah Sol vs Utah FC

Utah Sol vs Utah FC

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Past Stats:

Fall 2011 Utah Sol vs Utah FC
Utah Sol wins 5-0

Fall 2011 (second match) Utah Sol vs Utah FC
Utah Sol wins 4-0

Today's game:
Utah Sol wins 3-1

Utah Sol still undefeated!

...but this game was horrible!  We were tied at halftime 0-0 and Utah Sol had been playing horribly.  We had so many opportunities for goals and just could not finish!  In the first few minutes of the second half, Utah FC scored.  1-0, Utah FC.  Utah Sol was still pretty much dominating the game with the ball on Utah FC's defensive end almost the entire time but still we just could not score.  Finally in the last ten minutes, Utah Sol SCORES! 1-1.  Then a few minutes later, Utah Sol scores again!! 2-1, Utah Sol. And then just a few minutes later, Utah Sol scores again!! 3-1, Utah Sol.  The last goal came 3 minutes before the final whistle which means we scored 3 times in seven minutes.  Pretty sure if we could score 3 goals in seven minutes there was no reason to wait until the last 10 minutes to get our game on.  Hopefully this is not repeated this season.


Current Season Stats: 1-0-1
Utah Sol vs Blue Angels

Utah Sol vs Blue Angels

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Past Stats:

Fall 2010 Blue Angels vs Utah Sol
Blue Angels won 5-0

Scrimmage summer 2011
Utah Sol won 1-0

Fall 2011 Blue Angels vs Utah Sol
Blue Angels won 2-1

Today's game:
TIE 2-2

We're happy to take a tie for this game!

Current season stats: 0-0-1


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I went back to the BYU Student Fitness Center today and got a great workout!  It was short but felt so great!  I feel so energized!  I just did 30 minutes on the stationary bike then 3 sets of 10 repetitions on two leg machines to strengthen my hamstrings, quads, and knee.  I burned 134 calories on the bike (yay!) and also started counting my calories today to make sure I am staying within the recommended amount for second trimester.  I felt a little lame when the girl next to me had burned more calories on the bike than I did and she started 8 minutes after me.  But then I tracked my heart rate (the doctor told me today to keep it under 150bpm while exercising) and it was at 174bpm so I slowed down and realized I can't work as hard as I used to be able to.  I didn't feel so bad when I convinced myself I burned less calories due to the baby.  Really it's probably more that I'm just out of shape from so little exercise since the knee injury but when I can blame it on pregnancy, you better believe I will!

T had nasi goreng (fried rice) all ready for dinner when I got home from the gym!  What an awesome hubby!...and it was delish!  And I am still 58 calories under for the day.  Thinking I'm entitled to a few bites of cookie dough.  Or maybe just one bite?

The Pregnancy Diaries: 22 Weeks

18 weeks to go and feeling great!!  No aches or pains yet and baby is moving everywhere!  He still moves mostly in the morning/afternoon and very rarely at night.  T did get to feel him on Saturday morning but just one little kick.  Sometimes baby's kicks are so hard that they surprise me and I jump a little.  He really likes to cuddle up right under my left ribs which can hurt but he is not quite big enough yet for it to really hurt.  Sometimes I feel like he thinks my body is a jungle gym.  It seems like he swings from my ribs, jumps on my bladder as if it was a trampoline, and performs all kinds of acrobatics in the middle of my belly.  He is such an active little boy!  Here's a picture at 22 weeks (ignore Emma's little head in the bottom corner!):
22 weeks!
 I had a doctor appointment today with another ultrasound for them to look at the heart since it was shadowed at the last ultrasound.  The ultrasound tech couldn't believe how active the baby was!  It took him almost 10 minutes just to get a good view of the heart.  After a few minutes of trying to see the heart he told me, "I can't see a thing until he stops moving around!"  And then a few minutes later, "your baby is so active!  He is moving everywhere!" and then a few minutes later, "wow, does he ever stop moving?" My response: "not in the daytime!"  I guess I should have had my ultrasound at night.  Hahah.  He did end up getting a view of the heart (everything looks fine) and then took some 3D images for me.  I usually think 3D images of babies look weird but, of course, once it's your own baby it's just the cutest thing ever!  See Baby Boy Wallace below:

Hand in face.  Doesn't it look like he is plugging his nose?  My mom said it looked like he is giggling for giving the ultrasound tech such a hard time.  Hahah

Arms in front of face.  Look at that cute little nose!

Face view.  Isn't he a doll!? 
It was so fun to see him on the ultrasound today.  My suspicions of his crazy wiggliness were confirmed as I saw him squirming everywhere!  I also got a good look at him swallowing several times.  Who ever knew that seeing a baby swallow could be so cute?

It's amazing  how much I already love this little boy and I haven't even met him yet!  Counting down the days to July 22...or beyond if he's late!

A night at the gym

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Okay, more like 20 minutes at the gym...

T & I went to the BYU gym tonight to work out my knee.  My physical therapist said I need to be working it out a minimum of 2x per week (I think physical therapy counts as one of those times each week) and preferably 3-4 times per week.  Plus I'm supposed to do extra exercises at home on a daily basis.  Well I researched and found that we have full (FREE!) access to the BYU gym since Tom is a full-time student and I'm the spouse of a full-time student.  I always get excited about FREE even though I realize we are pretty much paying for it.  You know, $10,000 this year for grad school...a free gym pass better be included!  Anyway, T was so nice to come with me to the gym and he helped me figure out how all the machines worked and he even stood and waited by some of them while I used them to make sure I didn't get hurt or hurt the baby.  Isn't he sweet?  Oh, and don't worry, the machines I was using won't hurt the baby.  First we did the weight stuff.  T mostly did upper body weights and I just did things to strengthen my knee.  Then I went and did the elliptical for 10 minutes while T did some other workout...not quite sure what.  I was super surprised to discover how extremely out of breath I was after only 3 minutes of the elliptical.  I guess my pregnancy is taking way more of a toll on my body than I thought!  I stuck with it for 10 minutes even though I did turn the resistance down a ton.  It's such a great workout for me since it helps with my range of motion, doesn't  put a lot of stress on my knee, and actually gets my heart beating.  I feel so good after my (short) workout!  It has been a long time since I've been able to get a semi-decent workout due to the knee.  I'm hoping I can be diligent enough to go to the gym 4x per week.  I plan to do a few leg weights for strength and then use the stationary bike (if I can find an available one) to increase my range of motion and stay in shape.  And maybe the elliptical every now and then even though my quads kill from it.

When we got home I did my least favorite knee exercise recommended by my physical therapist.  I'm supposed to lay on my back, roll up a towel and put it under the ankle of my left foot (bad knee) then put ice on top of my knee to weigh it down some.  It helps to straighten my knee and improve the range of motion.  I'm at 0 degrees when I straighten my right knee but I can only get to 13 degrees on the left side.  I'm trying to get that back to 0!  The measurement of my bent left knee is pretty much the same as the right so I'm not too worried about that.  This is what my exercise looks like:

I'm not really as fat as I look in this picture.  It's just an awkward angle, I promise.  This exercise is so uncomfortable and I have to stay in this position for 10 minutes with relaxing my leg as much as possible which totally pushes my knee down and just kills!  But it really is helping my knee feel better.  I'm walking with so much less of a limp and my knee isn't bothering me quite as much even though it still pops every now and then when I twist funny on accident.  I guess no amount of exercise is going to fully cure it.  *Sigh*
exciting things

exciting things

Monday, March 19, 2012

I am so looking forward to this week!  There are so many fun things happening!

  • Wednesday: Baby dr appt.  Another ultrasound since part of the baby's body was shadowing the heart and they couldn't get a good view at the last visit.  I'm so excited to see baby on the ultrasound again!
  • Thursday: dentist appt & physical therapy.  Both do not sound exciting but, really, they are! I haven't been to the dentist in a little over 3 years due to not having dental insurance and I just found out we are covered under my dad's health insurance for regular cleanings!  I'm so excited to have my teeth cleaned! And physical was just so amazing last time how much better my knee felt afterward that I am so excited to go back!  Mostly I think it's the ultrasound that they do to stimulate the nerves and stuff.  It really helps loosen everything up and after all the exercises my range of motion is so much better!
  • Saturday: FIRST UTAH SOL GAME (for spring)!!! I am so, so, so excited!!  It's going to be a huge game for us as we are playing the #1 ranked team and we were ranked #2.  We lost to them 2-1 in the fall but my forwards have improved a lot in their shooting abilities so hopefully we will be able to score a lot more this time around!
  • Also Saturday: my parents are in town for the weekend! We're going to Cafe Rio with them Saturday night (my dad's favorite).
  • Sunday: our regular Sunday dinner rotation which is always loads of fun except it's not regular at all since we will be joined by my parents, Kelli & Taylor, and Laurin & Mark & kids.
So excited for Wednesday for the beginning of the fun!!
The Pregnancy Diaries: Wiggly Worm

The Pregnancy Diaries: Wiggly Worm

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I feel like I have a little wiggly worm inside of me!  This baby is Active! with a capital "A" and an exclamation point.  He is so, so wiggly!!  I can usually tell when he is sleeping or awake because I think the only time he is not moving everywhere is when he's asleep.  Lots of my books say that babies tend to move more at night right when you are trying to go to sleep and sleep mostly during the day while you are moving around since the motion rocks them to sleep.  Not true for this little man.  He is active by day and quiet by night.  Maybe this means his days and nights won't be mixed come his arrival?? Here's to hoping!!  He seriously moves SO much all day while I'm at work and then when I get home at night he's pretty content to just be still which means I still can't get T to feel him!  I don't often get big enough kicks to feel from the outside but I get plenty more during the day than I do at night.  So we're still waiting for baby to start moving more at night time so T can feel it!  Sometimes I can even see my stomach move when little boy kicks.  I just see a little "pop" and only if I'm watching closely.  Isn't it the craziest/best feeling to have a little person moving around inside of you?  It still makes me laugh 99% of the time when I feel him kicking me.  It is so strange!! (and at the same time so exciting/amazing!)

PS Have you found any direct correlation between how much your baby moved in utero and how active he/she was as a infant/toddler?  Just curious.  I'm beginning to think I should prepare myself for a little wild-child!

The Pregnancy Diaries: 20 Weeks

Thursday, March 8, 2012

HALFWAY!!  It feels so good to be so far along!...even though there are still 20+ weeks to go.  People are not afraid of asking about the pregnancy anymore.  I must be obviously showing.  I get asked all the time when I'm due and if I know what I'm having.  When I say "it's a boy!" the next question is always "do you have a name yet?"  The answer to that is no.  And that will probably be the answer throughout the duration of the pregnancy.  We are trying to choose a few we both like (which has been extra hard) but once we have a list of 2 or 3 I don't think we are going to pick what the name will be until we see him.  And then we'll decide.  So you will just have to wait 20 more weeks to find out Baby Boy's name.

Week 20 has been an exciting week!  I have felt SO much movement!  I used to feel little nudges or "bubbles" here and there like maybe once a day and sometimes I would go a few days without feeling anything at all.  In the last 3-4 days I have noticed a huge increase in the strength and the number of kicks.  It is so fun!  Sometimes I get strong enough kicks that I think Tom maybe would be able to feel it from the outside but those extra strong ones don't come often enough for us to have his hand ready to feel them.  Today alone I have probably felt the baby move 30+ times.  It's a ton compared to what I was feeling before!


This week I also bought my diaper bag online.  It is so cute and it's supposed to arrive tomorrow!  I can hardly wait!

Surgeon Visit

Surgeon Visit

Well, I saw the surgeon this morning and he pretty much had all bad news for me.  Even though the news is worse this time around, the appt went more smoothly than my appt with my surgeon 5 years ago.  I thought my life was over when that surgeon told me I would be out the rest of the season (my last season since I was a Senior).  I cried my eyes out.  This time I pretty much knew what was coming and was so much more prepared.  Not to mention it's not as dramatic (or as life-ending, as I thought) as when you're in high school.  I actually found something I had written about "being out of the game" when this happened the first time.  See below:.

terrible news. i was injured within the first 10 minutes of my first league soccer game last week. i paid a visit to the doctor and was referred on to a specialist. i had an MRI done and then went to a sports medicine doctor. unfortunately, the news was not good. my ACL is torn as is my meniscus. my bones are a little messed up from smashing together when my knee twisted. unfortunately, the bones are the only things that will heal by itself. surgery is necessary to fix my torn ACL and my torn meniscus. :( doctor said im out of soccer (my passion, my LOVEEE, my addiction) for a good year. it takes nine months to recover completely from this surgery. this means no sports or running or physical activity at all until full recovery. i have to be back on dumb crutches for 6-9 weeks after my surgery, which means crutches during the holidays [my 18th birthday as well.] :( my hopes of playing varsity soccer this year are pretty much smashed. first 10 minutes of league and im out for the season. only took one awkward pivot...
...way to start out my senior year, huh?

Yeah, I was a little bit dramatic.

Anyway, here are some good quotes from the surgeon today:

"You really shredded your knee, "This is really quite complex," "This is going to be a really complex surgery," "You really have no support left in your knee," "this just feels really loose.  You are really, very loose in this knee," "this does not look good," and "We have a lot of talking and discussing and deciding to do."

Those are not things you want to hear.  Basically from what he saw on the MRI images I've torn my ACL again but he said that the image really isn't very good and he is going to call the hospital to see if they can just do an image of the ACL only (free of charge to me) since they didn't really get it good enough the first time.  Another MRI? Blah.  He thinks it is totally ruptured but he can't say for sure from the image.  I've really shredded my medial meniscus which I already had torn last time.  There is a piece displaced that they will need to remove and he is not quite sure what they will do about fixing the meniscus.  He said that normally they like to just stitch it together or shave it.  The thing is it's pretty shredded so he doesn't even know if he can stitch it.  Even if he can it only heals about 20%.  That doesn't sound like a lot of healing to me!  The other option is to replace the meniscus.  He said I am probably a good candidate for replacement but that meniscus replacements have a lifespan of 3-5 years.  Guess what that means?  I would have to have surgery again to replace it in 3-5 years.  No thanks.  I don't really think I'm very interested in that option.  Although it doesn't sound like there are many good options for that part of the knee.  Total bummer.  The "sprain" of my MCL is actually a tear.  He said sprain is just another word for tear.  He said that it will probably scar over and heal on its own (that was one piece of actual good news!!).  The lateral meniscus has a small tear so he isn't quite sure what they would do with that yet either.  A lot of the deciding apparently happens during the actual surgery when they can better see all the ligaments.

We decided against operating while I'm still pregnant which I'm happy about.  I was really worried about it anyway.  Dr. Ritchie said his opinion is that it's just too risky to operate on a pregnant woman.  He said if I really pushed it we might be able to get it worked out but he doesn't even know if he would be able to find an anesthesiologist willing to sedate me.  That's okay because I do not plan to "really push it."  However, he did say that I don't have a lot of support left and my knee could give out with the weight of the baby.  The only option is to brace my knee.  I hate wearing a brace so that stinks but I already knew that would be the other option so I've come to terms.  It sounds like I'll be put in a post-op brace which does not thrill me because they are HUGE! They go from the top of your thigh all the way down to your ankle.  I think I have a picture of me wearing mine somewhere.  I'll try to find it.  He says that will give me the best support.  He is going to have a bracing specialist meet with me today or tomorrow to figure out how best to support the knee.

I'm glad to know what's wrong and I'm glad to have strict doctor's orders of "absolutely no more soccer" since I obviously couldn't restrict myself.  But I'm still a little bummed about all the bad news.
MRI Results

MRI Results

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dr. Gibson was able to look at my images this morning and he could see all the swelling and said it looked like something was wrong with my ACL and with the medial side of my knee but he couldn't tell exactly what it was.  But then later in the afternoon he was able to pull the report from the physician website to see what the radiologist wrote.  The results?

1. There appears to be a rupture of the left knee ACL graft. An intact graft is not identified.
2. Tear of the posterior horn lateral meniscus.
3. Significant volume loss of the midbody and posterior horn of the medial meniscus.  Displaced meniscal fragment adjacent to the anterior horn of the medial meniscus is suspected.  There may be a bucket-handle component of the medial meniscus tear.
4. Large joint effusion.
5. Mild MCL sprain.

None of that sounds good to me.  Probably because none of that is good.  I'm curious what the surgeon will make of it all.  We'll find out on Thursday!


Monday, March 5, 2012

Had my MRI done today!  I'm pretty excited to find out what is actually wrong with my knee.  I'm pretty confident I've torn the ACL and probably the meniscus but I'm curious to see what the damage is for sure.

It's a little bit comical how very little I remember about my MRI five years ago.  The only part I remember is being told to "stop moving!" several times throughout the procedure.  My knee kept twitching due to the injury and the radiologist was not very happy since she couldn't get the images she needed.

This time the radiologist was so nice and I tried really hard to keep my leg/knee/foot extra still.  She kept telling me over the speaker "you're doing great!"  So different from last time.

So basically here's how the MRI process works.  I filled out paperwork.  Signed a pregnancy consent.  They made me dress down into hospital pants and a hospital gown.  It was really cute, I promise...

I had to take off any metal.  Wedding ring, bobby pins, earrings.  Basically everything.  Then she brought me into a room with a GIANT machine, had me lay down on a little bed and place my knee into a contoured cushion.  Then she told me to keep my leg very still and be careful to not wiggle my toes.  Then she gave me some earplugs, told me the machine was really loud and obnoxious and said it would take 20-25 minutes.  She left the room, my little bed moved into the machine (feet first) until about half my body was inside the machine, then spoke to me over the speakers.  "Okay the first round should last about 2 minutes.  Let me know if you get cold and I can bring you a blanket."  Then these insanely, insanely loud beeps came on.  SO crazy loud.  She was right that it was really obnoxious.  They went for 2 minutes straight.  The baby was freaking out a little bit and moving around like crazy!  I guess he did not like all those loud noises.  We did like 8 series of beeps, each lasting 2-4 minutes.  Then finally we were finished, she came back in and I asked if she was allowed to tell me what she saw.  She said no.  I didn't think she was allowed to but I thought I'd ask anyway.  Then I changed back into my normal clothes and picked up a CD of the images to bring with me to the dr.

My appt with the surgeon is on Thursday so we'll find out what he says.  I might have Dr. Gibson (my boss) try to look at the images tomorrow to see if he can figure anything out.  He's a podiatrist so I know he doesn't see a lot of knee images but he can probably decipher them better than I can.  Everything looks like blobs to me.  All I can tell is that there's a lot of swelling which I already knew.

Clingy Carpet

Saturday, March 3, 2012

I seriously am desperate for help.  My carpet is so CLINGY it drives me nuts!!  So we have a Shark Navigator vacuum which I absolutely LOVE.  We bought it when we lived in Wymount and it worked fabulously.  Then we moved into the yellow house where it also always worked like a charm.  Then we moved here.  And the vacuum still works wonderfully on the tile floor but my carpet is so darn stubborn that the vacuum does pretty much NOTHING there.  I'm pretty confident it is NOT the vacuum.  When I asked for advice on FB I don't know how many people told me "get a new vacuum" or "buy a Dyson" even though I clearly stated my vacuum was not the problem.  Maybe some of you have advice.

Here's what happens.  I vacuum the whole house.  Kitchen, bathroom, entry tile all looks fab.  Carpet, not so much.  Any loose crumbs get vacuumed up but any hair, string, or anything the carpet can grab on to stays behind.  This is what my living room looked like right after vacuuming today (and I do a thorough job, I don't just run the vacuum really quickly over the carpet):

Can you see all the little strings/lint?

Even with the close-up you can't see all the hair but I promise there are hundreds of strands lying around!

So if I actually want the carpet to look like I vacuumed then after I vacuum I have to take a lint roller to the carpet.  My apartment is small but still this takes FOREVER and I can only imagine how much more difficult it will get as my pregnancy progresses.  This is what the lint brush looks like after a few swipes (this is maybe from like 1 square foot):

Gross, right?
Disgusting.  I counted this time how many lint roller papers I went through for the living room.  Any guesses?  25!!  And by the time I was "finished" they were still totally filling up just after a few swipes.

I'm at such a loss as to what to do!!!  It seems like the carpet is static-y and that's why everything gets stuck (because it's even hard to pick the strings up with your fingers...the carpet just really holds onto them) but I've tried everything imaginable to "remove static" and nothing works!!  So I feel like it is just the carpet that is horrible!  I've tried rubbing dryer sheets over the whole carpet.  I tried spraying a solution of water and fabric softener.  This morning I used an entire bottle of static removal spray on the carpet.  Which, by the way, was probably a bad idea being pregnant.  The house seriously REEKED of fumes.  I opened all the windows and ended up leaving after a little while to go shopping because it was so strong.  I did spray the whole bottle, after all.  By the way, it didn't do any good.  I tried to vacuum after that and nothing.  I still had to lint roll.  If we weren't already planning to move out in August I would totally be looking for a new apartment.  Even though I love pretty much everything else about this place.  I've wondered if I asked the complex to replace the carpet if they would but I seriously doubt it.  They have no reason to since we have a contract through August so they know we can't just move out if they don't.

I seriously need help.  Any ideas???


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