exciting things

I am so looking forward to this week!  There are so many fun things happening!

  • Wednesday: Baby dr appt.  Another ultrasound since part of the baby's body was shadowing the heart and they couldn't get a good view at the last visit.  I'm so excited to see baby on the ultrasound again!
  • Thursday: dentist appt & physical therapy.  Both do not sound exciting but, really, they are! I haven't been to the dentist in a little over 3 years due to not having dental insurance and I just found out we are covered under my dad's health insurance for regular cleanings!  I'm so excited to have my teeth cleaned! And physical was just so amazing last time how much better my knee felt afterward that I am so excited to go back!  Mostly I think it's the ultrasound that they do to stimulate the nerves and stuff.  It really helps loosen everything up and after all the exercises my range of motion is so much better!
  • Saturday: FIRST UTAH SOL GAME (for spring)!!! I am so, so, so excited!!  It's going to be a huge game for us as we are playing the #1 ranked team and we were ranked #2.  We lost to them 2-1 in the fall but my forwards have improved a lot in their shooting abilities so hopefully we will be able to score a lot more this time around!
  • Also Saturday: my parents are in town for the weekend! We're going to Cafe Rio with them Saturday night (my dad's favorite).
  • Sunday: our regular Sunday dinner rotation which is always loads of fun except it's not regular at all since we will be joined by my parents, Kelli & Taylor, and Laurin & Mark & kids.
So excited for Wednesday for the beginning of the fun!!

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