We went to the Kings vs Jazz game with Ryan & Rachel tonight.  Traffic was horrible down to Salt Lake due to spring break, general conference, and a million mission reunions so we didn't make it to the arena until the end of the first quarter but the game was so exciting! T & I were really excited to finally get to wear our Kings jerseys that we bought last summer.  We got them at 50% off when the Kings thought they were leaving Sacramento and all the apparel went on sale.  My jersey is a child's medium so I was afraid it wouldn't fit with my baby bump but there was just enough room!  I thought baby would go nuts with all the noise in the stadium but he slept right through the whole game.  Kings won right at the end of the game by just ONE point!!  It was totally awesome and we were so proud to be wearing our Kings jerseys on the way back to the car.

Go Kings!!
Yayyy!! We're number 1!! Or...we won by 1 point! (I'm not sure why he is holding up one finger.  One of those two things, I think).  Notice the stands are practically empty.  This is after the game so the *embarrassed* Jazz fans were clearing out very quickly.

After the game we headed back to Provo (which took forever due to construction) and stopped at the Creamery on Ninth for delicious ice cream!  On the way home, baby was kicking and moving like crazy so Daddy got to feel ALL kinds of movement!!  Hooray!!

We didn't get home until almost midnight which is so late for us these days!  We had such a fun night with R&R!!

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