Had my MRI done today!  I'm pretty excited to find out what is actually wrong with my knee.  I'm pretty confident I've torn the ACL and probably the meniscus but I'm curious to see what the damage is for sure.

It's a little bit comical how very little I remember about my MRI five years ago.  The only part I remember is being told to "stop moving!" several times throughout the procedure.  My knee kept twitching due to the injury and the radiologist was not very happy since she couldn't get the images she needed.

This time the radiologist was so nice and I tried really hard to keep my leg/knee/foot extra still.  She kept telling me over the speaker "you're doing great!"  So different from last time.

So basically here's how the MRI process works.  I filled out paperwork.  Signed a pregnancy consent.  They made me dress down into hospital pants and a hospital gown.  It was really cute, I promise...

I had to take off any metal.  Wedding ring, bobby pins, earrings.  Basically everything.  Then she brought me into a room with a GIANT machine, had me lay down on a little bed and place my knee into a contoured cushion.  Then she told me to keep my leg very still and be careful to not wiggle my toes.  Then she gave me some earplugs, told me the machine was really loud and obnoxious and said it would take 20-25 minutes.  She left the room, my little bed moved into the machine (feet first) until about half my body was inside the machine, then spoke to me over the speakers.  "Okay the first round should last about 2 minutes.  Let me know if you get cold and I can bring you a blanket."  Then these insanely, insanely loud beeps came on.  SO crazy loud.  She was right that it was really obnoxious.  They went for 2 minutes straight.  The baby was freaking out a little bit and moving around like crazy!  I guess he did not like all those loud noises.  We did like 8 series of beeps, each lasting 2-4 minutes.  Then finally we were finished, she came back in and I asked if she was allowed to tell me what she saw.  She said no.  I didn't think she was allowed to but I thought I'd ask anyway.  Then I changed back into my normal clothes and picked up a CD of the images to bring with me to the dr.

My appt with the surgeon is on Thursday so we'll find out what he says.  I might have Dr. Gibson (my boss) try to look at the images tomorrow to see if he can figure anything out.  He's a podiatrist so I know he doesn't see a lot of knee images but he can probably decipher them better than I can.  Everything looks like blobs to me.  All I can tell is that there's a lot of swelling which I already knew.

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