The Pregnancy Diaries: 20 Weeks

HALFWAY!!  It feels so good to be so far along!...even though there are still 20+ weeks to go.  People are not afraid of asking about the pregnancy anymore.  I must be obviously showing.  I get asked all the time when I'm due and if I know what I'm having.  When I say "it's a boy!" the next question is always "do you have a name yet?"  The answer to that is no.  And that will probably be the answer throughout the duration of the pregnancy.  We are trying to choose a few we both like (which has been extra hard) but once we have a list of 2 or 3 I don't think we are going to pick what the name will be until we see him.  And then we'll decide.  So you will just have to wait 20 more weeks to find out Baby Boy's name.

Week 20 has been an exciting week!  I have felt SO much movement!  I used to feel little nudges or "bubbles" here and there like maybe once a day and sometimes I would go a few days without feeling anything at all.  In the last 3-4 days I have noticed a huge increase in the strength and the number of kicks.  It is so fun!  Sometimes I get strong enough kicks that I think Tom maybe would be able to feel it from the outside but those extra strong ones don't come often enough for us to have his hand ready to feel them.  Today alone I have probably felt the baby move 30+ times.  It's a ton compared to what I was feeling before!


This week I also bought my diaper bag online.  It is so cute and it's supposed to arrive tomorrow!  I can hardly wait!

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