The Pregnancy Diaries: 22 Weeks

18 weeks to go and feeling great!!  No aches or pains yet and baby is moving everywhere!  He still moves mostly in the morning/afternoon and very rarely at night.  T did get to feel him on Saturday morning but just one little kick.  Sometimes baby's kicks are so hard that they surprise me and I jump a little.  He really likes to cuddle up right under my left ribs which can hurt but he is not quite big enough yet for it to really hurt.  Sometimes I feel like he thinks my body is a jungle gym.  It seems like he swings from my ribs, jumps on my bladder as if it was a trampoline, and performs all kinds of acrobatics in the middle of my belly.  He is such an active little boy!  Here's a picture at 22 weeks (ignore Emma's little head in the bottom corner!):
22 weeks!
 I had a doctor appointment today with another ultrasound for them to look at the heart since it was shadowed at the last ultrasound.  The ultrasound tech couldn't believe how active the baby was!  It took him almost 10 minutes just to get a good view of the heart.  After a few minutes of trying to see the heart he told me, "I can't see a thing until he stops moving around!"  And then a few minutes later, "your baby is so active!  He is moving everywhere!" and then a few minutes later, "wow, does he ever stop moving?" My response: "not in the daytime!"  I guess I should have had my ultrasound at night.  Hahah.  He did end up getting a view of the heart (everything looks fine) and then took some 3D images for me.  I usually think 3D images of babies look weird but, of course, once it's your own baby it's just the cutest thing ever!  See Baby Boy Wallace below:

Hand in face.  Doesn't it look like he is plugging his nose?  My mom said it looked like he is giggling for giving the ultrasound tech such a hard time.  Hahah

Arms in front of face.  Look at that cute little nose!

Face view.  Isn't he a doll!? 
It was so fun to see him on the ultrasound today.  My suspicions of his crazy wiggliness were confirmed as I saw him squirming everywhere!  I also got a good look at him swallowing several times.  Who ever knew that seeing a baby swallow could be so cute?

It's amazing  how much I already love this little boy and I haven't even met him yet!  Counting down the days to July 22...or beyond if he's late!

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  1. So cute!! Yes, The love is instantly there, the best gift ever!


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