The Pregnancy Diaries: Wiggly Worm

I feel like I have a little wiggly worm inside of me!  This baby is Active! with a capital "A" and an exclamation point.  He is so, so wiggly!!  I can usually tell when he is sleeping or awake because I think the only time he is not moving everywhere is when he's asleep.  Lots of my books say that babies tend to move more at night right when you are trying to go to sleep and sleep mostly during the day while you are moving around since the motion rocks them to sleep.  Not true for this little man.  He is active by day and quiet by night.  Maybe this means his days and nights won't be mixed come his arrival?? Here's to hoping!!  He seriously moves SO much all day while I'm at work and then when I get home at night he's pretty content to just be still which means I still can't get T to feel him!  I don't often get big enough kicks to feel from the outside but I get plenty more during the day than I do at night.  So we're still waiting for baby to start moving more at night time so T can feel it!  Sometimes I can even see my stomach move when little boy kicks.  I just see a little "pop" and only if I'm watching closely.  Isn't it the craziest/best feeling to have a little person moving around inside of you?  It still makes me laugh 99% of the time when I feel him kicking me.  It is so strange!! (and at the same time so exciting/amazing!)

PS Have you found any direct correlation between how much your baby moved in utero and how active he/she was as a infant/toddler?  Just curious.  I'm beginning to think I should prepare myself for a little wild-child!

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