Utah Sol vs Utah FC

Past Stats:

Fall 2011 Utah Sol vs Utah FC
Utah Sol wins 5-0

Fall 2011 (second match) Utah Sol vs Utah FC
Utah Sol wins 4-0

Today's game:
Utah Sol wins 3-1

Utah Sol still undefeated!

...but this game was horrible!  We were tied at halftime 0-0 and Utah Sol had been playing horribly.  We had so many opportunities for goals and just could not finish!  In the first few minutes of the second half, Utah FC scored.  1-0, Utah FC.  Utah Sol was still pretty much dominating the game with the ball on Utah FC's defensive end almost the entire time but still we just could not score.  Finally in the last ten minutes, Utah Sol SCORES! 1-1.  Then a few minutes later, Utah Sol scores again!! 2-1, Utah Sol. And then just a few minutes later, Utah Sol scores again!! 3-1, Utah Sol.  The last goal came 3 minutes before the final whistle which means we scored 3 times in seven minutes.  Pretty sure if we could score 3 goals in seven minutes there was no reason to wait until the last 10 minutes to get our game on.  Hopefully this is not repeated this season.


Current Season Stats: 1-0-1

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