I went back to the BYU Student Fitness Center today and got a great workout!  It was short but felt so great!  I feel so energized!  I just did 30 minutes on the stationary bike then 3 sets of 10 repetitions on two leg machines to strengthen my hamstrings, quads, and knee.  I burned 134 calories on the bike (yay!) and also started counting my calories today to make sure I am staying within the recommended amount for second trimester.  I felt a little lame when the girl next to me had burned more calories on the bike than I did and she started 8 minutes after me.  But then I tracked my heart rate (the doctor told me today to keep it under 150bpm while exercising) and it was at 174bpm so I slowed down and realized I can't work as hard as I used to be able to.  I didn't feel so bad when I convinced myself I burned less calories due to the baby.  Really it's probably more that I'm just out of shape from so little exercise since the knee injury but when I can blame it on pregnancy, you better believe I will!

T had nasi goreng (fried rice) all ready for dinner when I got home from the gym!  What an awesome hubby!...and it was delish!  And I am still 58 calories under for the day.  Thinking I'm entitled to a few bites of cookie dough.  Or maybe just one bite?

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