Sunday, April 29, 2012

So we had this party Friday night.  I think it would be classified as a party.  Maybe just a get-together.  Whatever it was, I was totally unprepared for it until 3pm the day of (party started at 7:30).  Normally when we (or should I say I?) throw parties it's this great big extravaganza with an awesome theme and everything is all planned out and totally spectacular.  The problem with having awesome parties is now I have this stigma to live up to every time I have people over.  It's expected to be really fun.  Which is why I should not try to put together last-minute or random parties like this one.  It turned out to be really fun but I got lucky.  Next time I better be a little more prepared.  Here's what our party went like:

  • We had an egg drop competition.  Each couple had to create a way to protect their egg using newspaper, magazines, tape, ribbon, cotton balls, and toilet paper.  Then we dropped them from the 3rd story balcony and then opened them up to see whose eggs survived the drop.

Mine & T's egg.  I think someone said it looked like a baby which is why he's holding it like that?  Not really sure...

Ryan and Rachel who stole their parachute idea from Cory & Kirsten.

Hmmm..somehow the pictures of Taylor & Kelli, Camden & Etta, and Cory & Kirsten with their pre-dropped eggs disappeared on my computer...

Ryan & Rachel dropping their egg

Cory & Kirsten dropping their egg

Camden & Etta's drop

Mine & T's drop

Taylor & Kelli's drop

Cory & Kirsten's did not survive the fall :[

Ryan & Rachel's did!

Broken egg


...mine & T's cracked too but T threw it away before we could take a picture.

We decided that there needed to be one winner so R&R and K&T had to toss their eggs back and forth while taking a step back after every toss.  Whoever survived the longest won.

Yay, Rachel caught it!

Ahhh, it cracked!


  •  Then we played this game where we posed one partner and their better half was blindfolded and had to feel the way they were posed then try to pose that way themselves.
Kelli & Taylor went first:

Pretty good!  Notice her left foot, too.
 Cory & Kirsten's turn:

Cory had to mimic every angle.  Hahah

Yay!  Just his head was a little off...
 Ryan & Rachel:

He was really confused with her feet.

 Camden & Etta:

This is Camden practicing.

 Me & T:
Thanks for this pose, guys.

Pretty good, just his head isn't far enough back.
 I think we determined Ryan & Rachel won this game.

  • The next game was introduced to us by Cory & Kirsten.  I'll call it the key game.  Somebody started in the center of the room holding a set of keys on their finger (person #1).  They called the name of someone else (person #2) who had to come up and arrange themselves so they are somehow touching person #1.  Then person #2 called up a third person who had to be touching both person #1 & 2.  This continued until person #1 decided to drop the keys.  Once you hear the keys drop you  have to hurry and find a spot to sit (there is one less open seat than people).  It was a crazy game...crazy fun!  I had to wear my knee brace to participate and I have to say I was pretty lame at it with a bum knee and a baby belly but still it was fun!  Here are pictures of some of the pile-ups:

Cory & Ryan wrestling to get a seat

I think Camden is trying to help one of them...
This party turned out to be a success!  It's probably our last one before we move on to California.  We are seriously going to miss all our friends so much!

Thanks to all our guests!  We had a blast!


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