The House Diaries: Getting a loan.

Well, I feel like the house-hunting process has officially BEGUN!  Yay!!  I'm so so excited about the possibility of owning our very own house.  We are so new to this whole process and have made about 101 calls to both Dad's with all kinds of questions.  Mostly, "where do we start?!"

We finally started by emailing a realtor.  He is actually T's old 6th grade teacher-turned realtor.  We found him on Zillow while looking at houses.  We told him we are looking to buy a house in California later this summer.  He emailed us the information for his preferred lender and told us to get in contact with the lender to start the loan-approval process.  T has learned in some (or one?) of his classes (I think his personal finance class) that it's a good idea to get loan approval through several lenders to see who gives you the best deal.  So we emailed T's sister who is also looking at houses in CA and got the information for her lender.  We filled out an application for one lender and called the other.  Things are rolling.  We are now gathering all kinds of information like W-2's, current debt information (thank you, graduate school), pay stubs, etc to send over to the lenders.

While the lenders are doing their thing we are finding houses on Zillow and that we like and want to look at when we go to California in May.  We will only have 2 short days to look at homes so we want to be as prepared as possible and jam-pack as much as we can into those two days.

Let the house-hunting process BEGIN!

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