The Pregnancy Diaries: 1 hour glucose

So here I sit at the lab doing my 1 he glucose test for gestational diabetes. I still have to sit here another 55 minutes before having my blood drawn so I thought I'd use my handy blogger app and my spare time to update.

I was totally expecting this to be just an awful experience since so many people have told me the drink is SO disgusting and you can barely drink it without vomiting. Well. I got here this morning at 735am, checked in with the receptionist who had me fill out the paperwork, etc. Then she brought me a refrigerated little bottle of "juice." It's the orange one. I didn't get a choice of flavor like some do but that's fine. Just know this experience is based only on the orange flavor. I've never had the grape or lemon. The receptionist told me to drink the whole (little 10oz) bottle by 750 (it was now 7:45). And then to sit in the waiting area until 8:50 and then I can go into the lab room and have my blood drawn. So I sit. Take my first timid sip.'s NOT EVEN BAD!!! Seriously, either people are serious whiners or the orange is just much better than any of the other flavors. Now I'm not saying I would choose to drink this when given a drink option but only because I don't really like juice to begin with. It is a little sugary but not so it's absolutely disgusting. I bet any kid would seriously LOVE to drink it. It's like how those extra sugary candies were so delicious when you were a kid and now, not so much. But you wouldn't want to throw up from eating those candies. They're just not the best option.

Anyway. Now I sit here for 45 more minutes (all the while enjoying the constant twists, turns, rolls, and kicks from my little man - he is so active!!) and then get my blood drawn. The worst part of the experience so far is not getting to eat breakfast. I'm pretty hungry! :(


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