The Pregnancy Diaries: 24.5 weeks!

This week baby is the size of: An eggplant! about 9 inches (crown to rump) and 1.7lbs!  Getting bigger!
How far along? 24.5 weeks
Due date: July 22, 2012
Total weight gain/loss: If I wrote it, you would probably gasp.  I blame it on not being able to exercise due to the bum knee + never having morning sickness and being starving the whole first trimester unlike most pregnant ladies!
Maternity clothes? Maternity pants/shorts every day.  I absolutely cannot fit into any of my pre-pregnancy bottoms (besides my soccer clothes - yay for stretchiness!) I have barely any maternity tops and mostly just wear stretchy-ish tank tops with cardigans over them.  I'm thinking I'll be able to get away with this the rest of the pregnancy but we'll see.  By the way, they are tops that I bought specifically for the pregnancy so I'm not stretching out my pre-pregnancy clothes. As for church clothes, I wear skirts with a stretchy elastic band or I have one maternity dress.  So mostly I have just adapted some non-maternity clothes to be maternity clothes.  There is so much more selection of non-maternity clothes!
Sleep: I still sleep just fine except that I get up at least once each night to go to the bathroom.
Best moment this week: Dates set in stone for our trip to California to (hopefully) buy a house where we'll raise our sweet little boy!  Plus my CA baby shower date is set now! YAY!  Also.  This is a little TMI so you can feel free to skip but I was outgrowing my (new) bra (I already outgrew my pre-pregnancy bra by week 10) and so I went to Victoria's Secret to have my bust measured since I didn't want to buy the wrong size.  Ready for this?  I'm currently measuring at a 34D/32DD. WHAT!? Normally I'm a 34B so this is crazy for me! She had me try on both sizes and we both agreed the 32DD fit much better.  Yes, I'm a little bit excited.
Movement: HE. MOVES. ALL. THE. TIME.  He kind of has a schedule.  Right after I eat breakfast he moves a lot.  Then he calms down for a little while and then gets really active again mid-morning.  Then another little nap and then he's back to moving right around lunchtime.  A late afternoon nap then he's back to moving in the late, late afternoon.  He's usually pretty quiet throughout dinner and most of the evening but some nights he'll wake up and move around for a little bit before I go to bed.  I've never been kept awake or been woken up by movement.  Either he sleeps through the night or I just don't notice.  His kicks are starting to get pretty hard.  I can see most all of them through my belly if I'm watching.  Sometimes they make me jump because they are so hard and I'm not expecting it.  They don't hurt at all though.  I love that he moves a lot.  It is so fun!  [on a side note: he still doesn't move much for T.  Every time he's kicking, kicking, kicking I'll tell T to feel then as soon as his hand is stops.  I still can't figure it out!]
Food cravings: None, really.  I guess I want cookie dough a lot but that's nothing new.  I don't let myself make it more than once every few weeks.
Symptoms: Just this last week my back has started to hurt.  Only the upper left side.  I'm not sure if it has to do with the weird way I adjust my weight because of my knee or if it's due to the extra weight of the baby or a combination of both.  Either way it hurts mostly at night when I'm laying down.  If I'm up & moving it feels okay.  T is pretty sweet to massage it every now and then to relieve some of the ache. :]  Besides this new symptom, I don't have any others!
Gender: Hopefully he's still all boy!
Labor Signs: None!...thank goodness!  Until July 1, I'd like him to stay nice and comfy in there.  After that he can come if he wants or he can stay until July 22...or later.  Just as long as he doesn't decide to come on July 19 [our anniversary].
Belly Button in or out? This is a big topic around our apartment.  Pretty much every single day I examine my belly button and freak out that it's getting closer and closer to popping out.  If you lived in my apartment you would probably hear "noooo, it's getting closer! stay in, belly button!" about 12x per week.  T probably gets a little sick of it but for some reason I am so worried about that!  For now, it is still IN.  But probably not for long.  It sure is trying to POP.  Ugh.
Feeling toward Pregnancy: GREAT...I seriously really love being pregnant! But starting to feel a little anxious for when the baby comes.  I really do not function well with little sleep so I'm pretty worried about how I'll do getting so little sleep as mommies get.  I don't want to be snappy to everyone all the time which is how I get when I'm tired so I feel just a little worried.
What I miss: Being active.  This isn't totally pregnancy-related since it's my knee that keeps me from being active BUT it's the pregnancy that keeps me from getting the surgery which would fix my knee which is was prevents the activity.  Boo.  Just a few more months and I can finally get my surgery!  I'm very excited!
What I am looking forward to: Registering this weekend!
Milestones: Well, they say if he was born today he has a really good chance at survival.  I guess that's a milestone...but let's keep that baby baking for a while longer!

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