The Pregnancy Diaries: 25 Weeks!

15 weeks to go!  Not much is new this week.  Baby weighs about 2 pounds now which is still so tiny and I wonder how we are going to fit about 6 more pounds of baby in this belly?  I'm starting to feel like my organs are a little bit crowded and I'm not sure how my body can fit 6 more baby pounds but I guess somehow it will work out!  A lot of times Baby pushes his body out against my belly and I can feel his little body when I press down a little bit.  It is so weird!  Baby Boy still moves a lot.  We are still discussing names.  We still are so excited for him to join our family!

25 weeks.  Some outfits make me look bigger than I really am.  Like this one.  I look like I'm 9 months pregnant!  The picture below was taken on the same day.  Maybe it's the cardigan?  Or maybe my hands?  Either way, I don't really think I'm that big!
I'm really this big.

PS I bought this cute (non-maternity) orange top at Forever21 for $2.80!! SCORE!!

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