Tom's Graduation!

Yay, T graduated!!!  He now officially has his Master's of Accountancy!  This day used to seem so far away but now that I look back, it seems like it came so quickly!  (But I think to T it still seems like it took forever).  We had such a fun graduation weekend!  T's parents came into town Wednesday night but since they were staying with family in Centerville we didn't get to see them until Thursday.  So we took a trip to the temple Wednesday night and did sealings.  We had a fantastic time :]  Thursday morning I went into work for a couple hours but T took the day off.  His parents came to our apt in the late morning.  We spent some time at the apartment catching up until it was time to go to the commencement.  The Marriott center was super packed and we had to sit pretty high up but since the graduates weren't walking or anything it was fine.  The commencement ceremony was only about an hour long which was nice.  There were just a few speakers including Elder Oaks. 

After commencement, we took some pictures and then headed out to a delicious dinner with T's parents at Texas Roadhouse.  We drove up to Lehi thinking it would be less packed than the Orem Texas Roadhouse and it probably was less crowded but there were still tons of people there, including lots of graduates & families.  We called ahead so we only had to wait about 10 minutes before they seated us.

After dinner we went back to my apt which was a full house!  My family arrived while we were at dinner and they stayed with us Thursday night so they were at the apartment.  We all had fun chatting, etc until bedtime.

Convocation was Friday morning at 11am.  Parking was a nightmare but we got there early enough to get pretty good seats.  They had a few speakers and then read all the graduate's names while they walked up and received their diplomas.  The three people we were cheering for (Tom, my little sister Kelli, and my brother-in-law Mark) were all toward the beginning of names and it seemed to go on forever afterward.  Seriously, it was SO long.  There were so many graduates!

When all the name-reading was finally finished, we took a few pictures then went to a luncheon put on by the Marriott School of Business.  Then Tom, Kelli, my dad & I went to get some pictures around BYU campus.  After all the pictures, T had to return his cap & gown to the school since the grad students can only rent them.  Then we all headed down to Laurin & Mark's church building in Spanish Fork where we had pizza and ice cream sundaes, played games, and had so much fun together!

We said good-bye to T's parents Friday night as they didn't want to fight traffic back up to Provo on Saturday before their flight left Saturday afternoon.  Saturday morning my family came to my girls' soccer game (we won 6-1, yay!) then we all went to lunch at a Mexican restaurant in Midway with Taylor's (Kelli's husband) family.  It was a long drive for lunch but the food was good.  After lunch we saw Hunger Games at the theater then hung out at Ryan & Rachel's for awhile until later in the evening when we went to the creamery for ice cream.

My family left Sunday morning so we enjoyed a nice, quiet Sunday afternoon together and then back to work and life on Monday.  I'm sad the extended weekend is over but we had so much fun.

I am seriously so ridiculously proud of T and all the hard work he has put in over the last 4 years at BYU plus all his schooling before transferring to the Y.  He has studied countless hours and barely ever complained (even when he got only 3 hours of sleep some nights).  I'm so proud of him for securing a job with PwC and for working so hard so he can support our little family so I can stay home with the baby.  All his hard work has definitely paid off.  I was so proud to see him walk across the stage and receive his Master's diploma!  Yay, T!  I love you! :]

Pictures to prove this weekend really happened!

Us with T's parents
Handsome hubby

cute little sister (she graduated in history teaching)

me and sweet emma-bemma waiting for graduation to start. emma's daddy graduated with his master's of business administration.

we found kelli & mark among the graduates!  T was in one of the very front rows so i couldn't really get a picture of him.

Yay T!...he is shaking hands with the guy in the red robe.  See him?

T with Emma & Max

Us with my parents

my cute sister-in-law, Rachel :]

i'm not sure why T looks so serious but he really was happy!

the little booger, max. he was poking everyone's feet with sticks.

seriously, i look huge! and still 3 months to go...

T has worked in this building his whole time at BYU. but we took the picture for the statue, not for that.

BYU campus

pivot ball

i'm pretty sure she was playing at this point but she still posed for the picture



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