Utah Sol vs Adrenaline

Past Stats:

Fall 2010 Utah Sol vs Adrenaline
Adrenaline wins 5-0

Spring 2011 Utah Sol vs Adrenaline
Adrenaline wins 3-0

Fall 2011 Utah Sol vs Adrenaline
Utah Sol wins 3-1

Today's game:
Utah Sol wins 3-2

Utah Sol still holding their ground!  Currently tied for 1st place.

Even though the final score was 3-2, it really was 3-1 since one of their goals they "scored" was actually scored by ourselves.  A defender meant to kick the ball out of the goal area and misjudged where it was in the air and it hit her shinguard instead of her foot.  Funny bounce off the shinguard, straight into our own goal.  Bugger.

So.  Utah Sol was doing really well at the beginning of the game.  Dominating, mostly.  Then we scored that darn goal on ourselves.  1-0, Adrenaline.  Boo.  After a little bit, we scored a goal in the correct goal. 1-1, Utah Sol.  After halftime, we scored again.  2-1, Utah Sol.  And then just to be safe, we scored again. 3-1, Utah Sol.  With a few minutes left, Adrenaline knocked in a free kick.  It was an awesome goal.  Almost impossible for my keeper to have stopped.  The defense held their ground for the last few minutes and at the final whistle the score was 3-2, Utah Sol.

Way to go, Sol!

Goals Scored:
Riley (PK)
Ashton (own goal)

Current Stats: 2-0-1

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