Utah Sol vs Red Bullets

Past Stats:

Fall 2011 Utah Sol vs Red Bullets
Utah Sol wins 2-1

Today's game:
Red Bullets win 2-0

Such a sad loss for Utah Sol.  Our undefeated title is gone but we are still determined to win the rest of our games and take home the 1st place trophy at the end of the season!  The girls were all so super sad yesterday after the game.  They really did play hard and we must have had at least 30 shots on goal but we somehow just couldn't finish.  That seems to be a problem lately.  We'll be working on that in our next few practices.  We have almost a 3 week break until our next game due to no games during spring break.  Hopefully we can use the time to practice extra long and extra hard so we can win the last 3 games of the spring season!

Current Season Stats: 2-1-1

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