We took a nice little vacay last weekend and went camping with Ryan & Rachel, Camden & Etta, and Kelli & Taylor.  We had so much fun!  I used to think I hated camping but really I love it when I do it just once a year and just for a couple nights.  We went camping with R&R and C&E last year but let me tell you...this camping trip was one million times better!

The main differences of this camping trip compared to last time?
1 hr drive vs 6 hr drive. Ahhh, so much nicer.
An open camping spot on the first try vs dozens of full camping sites
Nice, sunny weather vs WIND and RAIN and SNOW!!
Trees and grass vs cactus and dirt

PS We were at a campground in Nephi called Cottonwood, I think.  You should definitely try it out if you're in the Utah County area! (and it's a FREE campsite! - can't beat free!)

Honestly...last camping trip (even though we still had so much fun) has made any normal camping experience seem heavenly.

So many people told me I was crazy to be going camping when I was 7 months pregnant but really it wasn't even bad at all!  The worst part had to be using the campsite bathroom at least 20 times in two days (including having to leave the tent at least once each night to hike to the bathroom).  But the bathroom wasn't even that gross or anything.  Sleeping the first night was fine although I woke up with some sore legs (but I think everybody did).  The second night I was a little bit restless but I still got some sleep so I'm calling it good.  Overall, camping while 7 months pregnant was definitely not as bad as everybody said it would be.  I think I had just as much fun as everybody else!

I'll let the pictures below mostly tell the story of some of the things we did on our little trip:

  • Camden & Etta had the great idea to make and bring blow dart guns.  We made our dart guns out of 1/2" PVC pipe and used nerf darts as our ammo.  Let me just say...this is ridiculously fun! some of these pictures are not really in order, sorry.

me & T


Hike! The girls at our lunch spot. R&R packed us delicious lunches of turkey sandwiches, pudding, and other snacks.  

  •  We first tried a summit hike.  Didn't really work out so well.  This trail was like straight up.  No joke.  We had been hiking for maybe five minutes and I was just dying.  Sometimes I like to pretend I can do everything I used to be able to do pre-pregnancy but reality is...I can't.  It's hard for me to admit it a lot of times but really there was no way I was going to be able to go much farther on that hike.  You just really don't have the lung capacity at 7 months pregnant that you do non-pregnant.  Not to mention I'm carrying an extra 25 pounds which certainly makes things a little more difficult.  So we hiked back down and tried a different hike which was much better.  It was still fun because we had to climb over some fallen trees, etc but it wasn't too ridiculously rigorous.  Manageable for my pregnant self. 

He jumped over the fallen trees.  I mostly rolled over them.  Hahhaha


  •  We had a fun baggo tournament!  Camden & Etta took 1st place!

Yes, we are BYU fans.

Etta, blow dart gun game.

Rachel, Etta, Ryan & Taylor played this game where Tom used the blow dart gun to shoot a dart high in the air and then they tried to catch it with their hats.  The trick was to not let any darts fall into the fire that is right in front of them.  I think they only lost 3 to the flames.

Campfires, of course! We enjoyed s'mores both nights and blueberry cobbler one night.

Camden really likes lighter fluid.  I think all boys do.

Burning T's textbook.

Yep, we all slept in the same tent.  One huge 8-man tent.  We were nice and warm at night!


My handsome hubby :]

After leaving the campsite Sunday afternoon, we drove up to Devil's Kitchen to see...whatever it is we were supposed to be looking at.  The red rock formation, I think.  I'm terrified of heights so the drive up was not so fun for me and i could not look over this railing without wanting to pass out.  My smile might be just a little bit forced.  Hahah

Overall, we had a super fun weekend with our friends & family!  It's too bad that we and the Bair's are both leaving Utah this summer.  We're going to miss hanging out with everyone pretty much every weekend!  Maybe we can all get together for a camping trip with kids someday.

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