Emma's Sleepover

 Emma spent the night a few weeks ago (maybe a couple months ago??) and I forgot to post about it.  Actually, I tried but it was taking forever to upload the pictures on the laptop so I finally gave up.  Here's my second attempt.

Emma had fun playing with my workout band.  T would hold one end while Emma pulled the other end as far away as she could until her strength gave out and the band SNAPPED her back to T.  It was so funny to watch!

Pulling, pulling, pulling...

 For whatever reason she really loved the sugar cookie molds and wanted to take them all out to see what the shapes were.

We had peanut butter sandwiches for lunch after church. Mmmm.

Isn't she a cutie?
 We also played Go Fish (which Emma is really good at, by the way), went to church (Emma came to Relief Society with me since we only have a nursery and no sunbeams because there are only babies in my ward - she had a really hard time understanding why my church didn't have Sunbeams.  She kept saying "but my church has Sunbeams..."), set up and took down the Mouse Trap game about a million times (she LOVES catching the mice...T is so nice to set it up for her again and again and again), did puzzles, read books (mostly Bears in the Night which is her absolute favorite book that I have), and had a total blast!  We are going to miss sleepovers with Miss Emma.  She is so fun!

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