Goodbye, Woodlands! :[

Mark, Laurin, Emma, and Max moved to Kansas earlier this week.  We are so sad they're gone!  The whole week before, every time I thought about the move I almost burst into tears!  We are so going to miss them :[  On Sunday night we had a get-together at Kelli's house with dinner & games.  Monday evening we helped the Woodland's finish packing up and cleaning the house and loading the moving truck and said our sad good-byes.  They left Tuesday morning and arrived in Kansas on Thursday afternoon.
Emma "playing" bananagrams with Ryan, Rachel, & Etta

She would put tiles together and then say "I don't know what that spells."  This one spells "evolvel."  She was close to having an actual word if she just left out the extra L!

Emma & T.

Look at that cute little face! We'll miss her so much!

Max enjoying his chocolate ice cream.

Aunt Kelli & Emma

T & Max.

Our fearless little nephew.  He will jump off anything and everything.  Even if you aren't ready to catch him.  T is so going to miss playing with him!

An angry little Max-o.  He did NOT want to get his jammies on.

wiggling away from his mama while she tries to put his pajamas on.

sisters! where's rachel??

...4 of us in Utah now, only 2 will be left by September.  Sad.  We had so much fun all living in the same state again.

Here are some things we are going to miss about the Woodlands:

Game nights
All family get-togethers.  Especially 4th of July and Thanksgiving.
Playing with Emma & Max
Sleepovers with Em-bem.
Hearing Emma say cute little things like "Jaden, do you know Marci?  This is Marci, she's my aunt!"  This is what Emma proudly announced to her neighborhood friend on moving day.  I almost cried.
Enjoying all of Max's antics like jumping off the coffee table, flipping over the side arm of the couch, etc.
Girls days/nights with Laurin
Not really getting to know their new little baby who is coming in 4 weeks!

We are going to miss this little family so much but hope they have so much fun living in Kansas on their new life adventure!

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