The Pregnancy Diaries: 29 Weeks

Time is flying!  Just 11 weeks to go!

This week baby is the size of: a small cabbage. 17 inches long, right around 3 pounds!
How far along? 29 weeks!
Due date: July 22, 2012
Total weight gain/loss: Gained 27 pounds.  I figure if I gain 1 pound per week over the next 11 weeks my total weight gain will be 38 pounds which is just +3 pounds more than the recommended.  That still makes me feel fat but my mom and sister say they both gained 40 pounds with each pregnancy and they both always lost all the weight so then I don't feel so bad.
Maternity clothes? Through and through.  Every day is an outfit crisis day as I don't have nearly as many maternity clothes as regular clothes and I have a hard time finding outfits without feeling like I'm repeating what I wear every 2-3 days.  It's getting frustrating.
Sleep: No problems sleeping.  I easily sleep through the night besides my middle-of-the-night bathroom stop.  But then I fall right back asleep.  I'm super grateful that I haven't had any problem sleeping.
Best moment this week: Baby's movements are always the best moments.  I don't think I will ever get used to it.  I still get so excited each time he moves!
Movement: All the time!  My doctor said I should feel him 3-5 times every hour and I definitely do!  Most hours he moves way more than that.  I can often feel his little body parts poking out.  It makes me laugh every time.
Food cravings: Lately I've been loving Mini Wheats.  I have been through 4 of those huge Costco boxes in the last 3 months.  And Tom hasn't even been eating any.  I eat a lot of mini wheats.
Symptoms: CHARLIE HORSE calf cramps!!  They are the worst!! I've woken up 3-4 times in the last few weeks with terrible horrible calf cramps!  I try to pull my toes up toward my body as soon as I wake up and feel it cramping but they are so bad that my leg is stuck and I physically cannot pull it up to stretch the muscle.  So I stand up and force my heel to the floor.  It is a seriously horrible pain!  But it only happens once every 4-5 nights so I guess I can't complain too much.
Gender: As far as we know, still a boy!
Labor Signs: Zero.  Good thing too.  People have been saying to me a lot lately "I bet you are ready for him to come out!" which I'm totally not.  I'm excited for him to come but I'm not ready yet.  He can just keep on baking for 11 more weeks.
Belly Button in or out? Half and half.  Ridiculous, right?  Sometime last week Tom said "is your belly button poking out?" I pulled up my shirt, looked down, gasp! It was, but only half of it which looks even more stupid than if the whole thing would just pop out!  Sometimes it's still an innie though.  Then other times it's half out, half in.  I almost burst into tears on that night it half-popped but T comforted me before the waterworks started.
Feeling toward Pregnancy: Being pregnant is still fun but I'm starting to feel ready to have my body back.  I miss my skinny clothes.  Plus I'm really ready to have my knee surgery so I can be on the road to recovery and get back to soccer and other active things.  So I will be happy to not be pregnant in 11 weeks and be able to get my surgery ASAP after baby comes.
What I miss: All my pre-pregnancy clothes.  Being able to tie my shoes without huffing and puffing and having my stomach hurt.  Being able to paint my toenails.  Cuddling with's harder with a baby belly in the way!
What I am looking forward to: My CA baby shower in 3 weeks!  And hitting the 30 week mark next week!
Milestones: Baby is starting to develop a lot of brain cells!  And he's also starting to shed his lanugo.  Getting ready to make his grand entrance into this crazy world!

So I must look seriously huge (it doesn't help being so short!) because I have had several comments in the last few weeks regarding my size such as:

Patient: When are you due?
Me: July.  I still have a few months to go...
Patient: Do you know what you're having?
Me: It's a boy!
Patient: Oh, so you've had an ultrasound then?
Me: Yep.
Patient: So you know it's not twins?
Me: It better not be twins!
Patient: And you still have 3 months?
Me: Uh-huh.
Patient: Are you sure about that?
Me: *laugh*
conversation ends. Yes, I'm sure.  I did not forget my due date, thank you.  But I'm not offended.  I don't think people mean to be offensive when they say things like that.

The next day...
(a different) Patient: *leans over the counter and looks at my belly* "Hey what've you got in there!?" (He hadn't been into the clinic since I've been pregnant plus he is old and a little weird.)
Me: It's a baby!
Patient: When are you due?
Me: In July.
Patient: Ohhhhh, well then I'm afraid you are going to be a big girl!
hahahhahahah, thank you, Patient.  I'm afraid you are probably right.

Today at church
Girl: When are you due?
Me: July.
Girl: Oh, you look like you're ready to have the baby any day!
Me: Nope, 11 more weeks to go!

Sometimes I wonder why people think I'm about ready to pop because when I see women who are actually 40 weeks along, they are so much bigger than I am!  Maybe some people just don't really know how big big really is?

I also get asked a lot how I'm feeling.  My answer is always "great!"  It gets old after awhile even though I know people are just well-meaning.  It doesn't bother me when they ask me how I'm doing...what gets annoying is the tone of voice.  A lot of people ask me in such a tone that seems like I must have a horrible disease.  "How are you doing/feeling?" and they look so worried.  I feel like saying "I'm pregnant, not dying!" but I refrain.  I smile and say "I'm great!" because, really, I am!

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