The Pregnancy Diaries: Nightmares

So I'm not one of those pregnant women who has really crazy, vivid dreams.  My dreams are just as they always are.  Then again, my dreams are always pretty vivid and I rarely go a day where I don't remember what I dreamed the night before.  And they're normally all a little crazy.  Whose dreams aren't?  Well, last night I had two "pregnancy nightmares" as in two nightmares about pregnancy.  Not crazy-lady pregnancy dreams.

Dream 1:
I was a horrible mother and forgot to take care of my baby.  I had forgotten to feed him for like a whole day (who does that?!) and I hadn't changed his diaper at all.  My mom was there and the baby was crying and she asked me if I had fed him recently which led me to suddenly realize I hadn't fed him all day! was like nighttime.  I started crying (dreaming still) because I was such a horrible new mommy.

Although I have panic attacks sometimes when I realize I'm going to be taking care of a little baby full-time, I'm pretty sure I won't ever be that bad at mommy-ing.  Let's hope not!  Still, it freaked me out.

Dream 2:
I delivered and then I was so fat after delivery.  I'm not talking like regular after-baby fat.  I distinctly remember my belly was hanging so low that it was getting stuck between my legs.  Hahaha, now that I write it I'm laughing about it but was disgusting.  I was waddling around because I couldn't get my legs close enough together to walk normally with my belly all in the way.  I almost shudder just thinking about how grossly fat I was.  I think this comes from reading the other day that after you deliver you will still look about 6 months pregnant so you should remember that for when you are packing your going-home-from-the-hospital clothes.  I'm 6 months pregnant now and I feel HUGE.  Will I seriously look this big after I deliver?  I hope not but it is better than my nightmare-body.

Hopefully these kinds of dreams/nightmares don't come very often.  I'm worried enough about being a new Mama!  I don't need encouragement from my nightmares.

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  1. I love you, Marci, and you're beautiful. You'll always be beautiful (even if your belly falls down to your knees!). Aren't we thankful that we have a reality outside of our dreams?!


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