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Thursday, June 28, 2012

We had to buy these today. Where did this heartburn come from??? :(
The Pregnancy Diaries: 36 Weeks

The Pregnancy Diaries: 36 Weeks

Sorry, I don't have a picture for this week yet.  I don't feel like taking one since I'm huge but I will anyway as soon as I'm wearing a half-decently cute outfit one day.  Those are hard to come by these days!

This week baby is the size of: a watermelon!! and it looks like it too! i'm telling you, my belly is HUGE. 19-22in, 6.5 pounds.
How far along? 36 weeks!
Due date: July 22, 2012
Total weight gain: 35 pounds.  I am right at the maximum recommended.  No more weight gain!! I've heard some women lose a few pounds in the last couple weeks so if that's true then I've stayed within the recommended weight gain!...we'll see.
Best moment this week: we hit the 1 month mark! i am officially 8 months pregnant!
Movement: Baby Boy still moves a lot but it has slowed down some from before.  I think he is getting a tiny bit cramped in there.
Food cravings: Soda. Or any kind of drink, really. Water, shakes, slurpies.  I want it all.
Symptoms: Some days I feel great, some days I feel not as great.  Usually I feel worst in the middle of the night.  That seems to be when the Braxton Hicks want to hit.  Here are my current symptoms:
  • A little bit of insomnia.  I still feel well-rested when I get up so I guess I am getting enough sleep but after using the bathroom (you know, 8 times each night) I usually lay awake for awhile before I can fall back asleep.  I'm getting a little bit anxious about baby coming.  I'm excited but I'm also starting to feel pretty nervous about being a mommy.
  • Braxton Hicks...still.
  • Lots of sharp pelvic pain.  The dr says it's his head hitting the nerves.  Sometimes the pain is so sharp I can't walk.
  • Swollen hands :[  I had to take off my wedding ring which I was really sad about.  It fits just perfectly and in the summer it always gets a little tight but just add in a tiny bit of pregnancy swelling and it's too tight.
  • Swollen feet.  It just hit me one day.  I was fine in the morning, wore my Toms all day (the culprits, I think) and after our prenatal class that night both T & I noticed that my feet and ankles were very swollen.  I elevated and iced them that night and they haven't been so bad the last couple days but I've been trying to wear looser shoes.
Labor Signs: None.
Feeling toward Pregnancy: I marvel at how amazing the human body is and the way it changes to allow women to carry (and then deliver) babies.  So I think pregnancy is pretty amazing but I'm starting to feel ready for my turn to be over for now.
What I miss: Being able to bend over without serious tummy aches.  I can't even reach down far enough to toss something into the trash can under my desk without my tummy really hurting.
What I am looking forward to: Car seat safety check today!, D-Day is getting close and seeming more and more real!
Milestones: less than one month to go!

Had a check-up with Dr. Harward on Monday.  I was hoping he would check to see if there has been any progress but he did not check my cervix at all :[  He told me that he has me set up for induction on Monday, July 30 if the baby has not made an appearance on his own by then.  I was totally bummed after my appointment just from hearing the induction date because it made me feel like the baby will be late and won't arrive until July 30.  That's a silly thing to think just because my induction date is set just in case but I'm increasingly doubtful he will arrive on time.  I really, really do not want to be induced so I am just so hoping the baby will come on his own even if it's on July 29th!

Dr Harward is going to be out of town next week so I've told Baby he can't come until July 9 when Dr. Harward is back.  I don't think he will have any problem agreeing to that.  But I've also told him that he should come between July 9 & 22 with the exception of July 10 (Tom's CPA exam) and July 19 (our anniversary).  Not so sure Baby will listen to that.

My mom & dad will be in town for EFY session directing from July 21-29 so I will be pretty bummed if baby doesn't come until July 30 :[ I think my mom might be staying a little longer than my dad until July 31 or Aug 1 but if he comes on July 30 that still doesn't give me very much time to have the expert on hand!

Baby is still head down and his heartbeat was between 140-150 which the doctor said is good.

Our prenatal class has ended...we must be getting close!  We had our last class on Tuesday which was all about breastfeeding.  It was really informative (as were all the other prenatal classes) and I'm really glad we took it.  I feel like I learned a lot and I think T learned even more.

Dr. Harward said I'm on cruise control now.  Just waiting for the baby.  I feel like it will seem like a very long wait.


Friday, June 22, 2012

Me & the baby, this is what we crave. It's absolutely delicious.
The Pregnancy Diaries: Being Grateful

The Pregnancy Diaries: Being Grateful

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I'm trying really hard to be grateful.  For what?  For only using the bathroom 8 times per night.  I bet from the title of this blog post you did not think I would be writing about peeing...but I am.

In my first trimester I started having to get up once per night to use the bathroom.  I thought that was pretty annoying.

Then my second trimester came along and I started having to use the bathroom at least once per night and usually twice.  I thought that was really annoying.

Later in my second trimester I would sometimes have to get up three times to use the bathroom.  Sometimes it was just two.  But sometimes it was three.  And that seemed like a lot.

Third trimester.  I was using the bathroom 4 times per night.  I really started to miss the first trimester when I only had to get up once per night.  That seemed heavenly even though at the time it had seemed so annoying.  I mean, really.  4 times per night?  You're getting up once every other hour.

Well, here I am with 4.5 weeks to go and I am now using the bathroom 7-8 times each night.  I feel lucky on nights (like last night) where I only have to get up 6 times.  For the first few nights of this I was thinking how annoying it is to be getting up every hour to use the bathroom.

Now I'm thinking I should start being grateful that I am only using the bathroom 7-8 times per night.  Because at one point I really thought it couldn't get worse than 4 times per night and then it suddenly doubled.  So I'm being grateful today for only using the bathroom 8 times per night since I have no idea what to expect tomorrow.

What if I have to wake up 16 times per night?!  8 times per night sounds pretty great compared to that.

Today I'm being grateful.
The Pregnancy Diaries: Highchair LUCK!

The Pregnancy Diaries: Highchair LUCK!

Monday, June 18, 2012

So like I said in a previous post, T & I have been slowly purchasing all the big items left on our registry using 20% off coupons at Babies R Us.  Last week we bought our bouncer, vaporizer, and car seat stroller frame.  We had one more 20% off coupon that was valid for this week and we wanted to use it on the high chair we registered for.  It's $70 which is a lot but I actually realized it's not as much as several other high chairs that run around $130 (yikes!).  So here is the highchair we wanted:
It's totally awesome because it can rotate 360 degrees.  So you have have baby facing the table or you can rotate him out for easier feeding or for him to see what's going on around him.

The only problem is it's carried in a limited number of stores and we wanted to use our 20% off coupon which you can only use on in-store purchases.  So we went to the local store and asked if they had it.  Nope, they don't carry it in the store.  They told me the Midvale store might carry it since they are a lot larger but that is like an hour away and I didn't want to drive that far.  My 20% coupon would probably not even be worth much after my time and gas to go to Midvale.  So I called the Folsom store back home to see if they carried it.  My little sister works nearby so I thought she could stop by and pick it up if they carried it. Nope.  They also do not carry this product in their store.  Super bummer.  So I decided to call the Midvale store just to see if they carried it and then I would decide if I wanted to make the drive.

When I told the lady at the Midvale store what I was looking for she said they normally do not carry it in their store BUT someone had just returned one from online to their store!  She said it was still sealed in the box!  The couple had just purchased 2 in different patterns and kept the pattern they liked and returned the other.  I didn't even know there were 2 patterns (there is only one available online...not sure how they got the other) but the pattern they returned was the one I wanted anyway (pictured above)!

She told me they could hold the high chair for me and I asked how long they would be able to hold it.  She asked how long I needed it held for and I told her I wasn't quite sure because I lived in Provo and just didn't know when I could make the drive up to Midvale.  She then told me that she actually lived in Orem (next city over where the local Babies R Us is!) and said she could do a store transfer and bring it to the Orem store!!!  I was so excited and I can still hardly believe my luck!  Today is even her day off but she said she would bring it into the store today when she got the chance.  What a sweetheart!  So Babies R Us called me tonight to let me know the high chair had been delivered to their store and I could come pick it up whenever!  I am seriously so thrilled since I just have to go to the store that is right here and I get to use my 20% off coupon and save almost $15!  I am never this lucky!  What are the chances that I called on the day the couple returned the high chair (and not before they returned it) and before it was sold AND talked to the employee who LIVES in Orem?! We're totally lucky...and blessed!  So excited to go pick it up tomorrow on my way home from work :]

PS The lady in Midvale told me she and the other employees had just been commenting when it was returned that it was going to sell so fast.  I'm glad I called when I did!

The Pregnancy Diaries: 35 Weeks

35 Weeks!!!
Yes, my belly is HUGE.  It looks like I'm hiding a basketball under my shirt!  Well we are 35 WEEKS with only 5 weeks to go!  I think D-Day is going to come sooner than I think it will.

This week baby is the size of: a large cantaloupe! 19-22 inches, 6 lb.
How far along? 35 weeks! 5 more to go!
Due date: July 22, 2012
Total weight gain: Haven't weighed myself in about two weeks so I have no idea.
Best moment this week: Utah Baby Shower! (technically it was last week but it was just 3 days ago).  But I do have a really GREAT moment from this week...1 CM DILATED!!!
Movement: He moves pretty much all the time and he gets the hiccups sometimes :]
Food cravings: nothing in particular
Symptoms: Holy heck, they are just adding up every day.  Here we go:
  • Waking up 8 times per night to use the bathroom.  That's right, 8.  That number has doubled from two weeks ago!
  • Braxton Hicks...still.
  • Hip pain when I walk.  And pelvic pain and pressure.  I think he is maybe in the process of dropping because my pelvis feels heavy when I's pretty uncomfortable at times.
  • Discomfort while sleeping.  A couple nights ago I made myself a little bed on top of the bed using 8+ pillows.  I didn't leave any pillows for poor T but I've been sleeping a lot better with this new contraption!
  • Exhaustion.
Labor Signs: None.
Belly Button in or out? It's still a half-y!
Feeling toward Pregnancy: Getting a little bit tired.
What I miss: Being skinny.  Using the bathroom only 3-4 times per day instead of what seems like 50.
What I am looking forward to: Using our 10% completion coupons to get everything remaining on our registries!!
Milestones: Seeing the doctor every week from now until delivery!!!

Okay, did you see that part up there about the best moment this week?  That's right - I am 1 cm dilated!!!  I had my 35 week check-up with Dr. Harward today.  He did my Group B Strep swab test and then checked my cervix and I can't believe I have anything to report!!  I thought for sure he would say I was closed and 0% effaced.  To my complete surprise and total EXCITEMENT he said I am 1 cm dilated!!! He didn't say if I was effaced at all but I assume it's insignificant like maybe 5% if anything because he said I'm still pretty thick.  Then he told me that being 1cm dilated at 35 weeks is a good indication that my body is getting ready to go into labor soon.  He said he would expect I would deliver at maybe 38 or 39 weeks!  Of course, a "good indication" does not mean this will necessarily happen but just the hope of it is so exciting!  Maybe we will have a little bit of an early bird!  The dr did tell me that if I haven't delivered at 1 week past my due date he will induce me.  Of course I would really rather have Baby come on his own but knowing that I don't have to be more than 1 week overdue is also a nice thought.  Here's to hoping the doctor's estimate is correct and little boy makes his appearance 1-2 weeks early! Even right on time would be great.

The doctor also felt my tummy and said the baby is head down (he also told me this 2 weeks ago but I don't think I blogged about it?) so that's good.  No breech baby here.  Phew.

Baby's heartbeat was 150bpm today which is perfect.

We are just getting so excited to meet our little man! 5(ish) weeks left!!!

Utah Valley Parade of Homes: Day 1

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Utah Valley Parade of Homes: Three weeks of beautiful, extra-ginormous homes that are open to the public to tour.

So I've been wanting to go to the Parade of Homes every year since we've lived here but I've just never gotten around to it.  This year when I saw the billboard on the way to work I knew I had to get tickets this year!  So I asked Kelli if she wanted to go and she said YES!  So we bought tickets and started touring the homes yesterday.  There are 19 houses this year and we saw 6 yesterday.  We took pictures of some of the things we loved!

Beautiful master bath.  Lots of the homes had the bowl those!

Love the fireplace
Gorgeous deck with a beautiful view.  Loving the design out here.
Love the chandelier
Cutest idea!  Laundry detergent in a bowl with a scooper.
Love the color theme in this bathroom. 
Look at those cute shelves in the window seat!

Favorite kitchen.  Love the countertops, gorgeous gas range, love the cabinets!
This house had pictures of Christ everywhere.   I loved it!  See the two flanking the fireplace?
I really love this shower tile. Gorgeous.
So this is the master closet.  It's like twice as big as what you can see.  How awesome is it that they have a washer and dryer in their closet?  And then you can just fold your laundry on that huge island and put it away!  Loving this idea.  They had another laundry room for the kids down the hall.
Gift-wrapping station.  SO AWESOME.  This little station was just in an alcove in the laundry room.  This is the tissue paper, all just hanging on tension rods.  Brilliant!
Wrapping paper and ribbon

Gift bags
Loving the interior of the shower.
Library.  Love.  I want one so badly!
A SLIDE IN THE HOUSE!!! Isn't that so awesome!? Not sure where it ended (maybe in a playroom?)
Snacks in glass canisters.  Love it.
Theater room with a little kitchenette.  Built-in party!
Basketball court!  So cool.  You could play so many games down here.  There was also a spot to put a volleyball net.
Gorgeous master bath.
Love this idea of cereal in dispensers.
Live plants on the wall in one of the houses.  Just in the hallway.  Cool art!
Love the color theme of this room.  Grey & yellow!
Love this backsplash so much!
LOVE this living space.  SO gorgeous!  Definitely one of our favorites.  The walls are light blue and this whole area is so open and airy and gorgeous!
Loving this master bedroom
Window seat in master bedroom.
Love the wall detail here.
Basically, Parade of Homes is totally amazing and the houses are so gorgeous!  So excited to see more homes this week!

Utah Baby Shower!

Yesterday my little sister, Kelli, and my sister-in-law, Rachel, threw me an amazing baby shower!  It was so much fun and everything was so cute!!!

Entrance to Kelli's apartment (sorry for the horrible lighting)
Cute little "rattles" made from marshmallows dipped in chocolate!
Food table
Isn't this such a darling cake?!
Sweets table again
Seriously delicious Shirley Temples.  I had three cups and would have had more if I felt like I wasn't taking everyone else's share! Those little duckies were floating at first but they all fell over. Oh, and notice the adorable paper straws.
Hahah, so cute right?! And the fruit was delish so it was a win-win!
Everything on this table was just so cute, I can't resist adding one more picture!
We played a cute baby words memory game with the board pictured below.  Just pick two numbers and Kelli opened the flaps to reveal the words underneath.  We just went in a circle guessing until all the matches had been found!  If you made a match you got a candy bar corresponding to the matching words.  So like for "preemie" you can runts candy or for "contractions" you got whoppers.
Memory Board

And!  Baby Boy & I seriously got so many awesome presents!  We are so spoiled and so lucky to have so many great friends!
Not sure why I was making this face but Kelli caught it on camera.
Kirsten from my soccer team made this! And a matching hooded towel!  Isn't it amazing and so incredibly cute?!
L-R: Etta, Sabrina, Lindsey, Riley, Libby, McKenzie
My cousin Jordan and his wife Megan got us this super cute book called "There's a Monster at the End of This Book."  I had never heard of it before but both Megan & Jordan had it growing up and loved it.  Megan suggested I read it out loud so I did and it is seriously just the cutest book ever!  I can't wait to start reading it to Baby Boy.  I'm sure he'll love it!
Everyone!  We are so grateful that so many people came to help us celebrate the upcoming arrival of Baby Boy!
Me & Megan
My cute friend, Jana, who is expecting November 8!
I'm seriously in love with this adorable owl stroller toy!  So, so cute!
The hooded towel Kirsten made

 Presents we got (hopefully I don't leave anything out):

Curious George book (a collection of several stories)
Baby nighttime bath wash (2 sets!)
Regular baby bath wash
Receiving Blankets
Owl stroller toy
Hooded dinosaur towel & hand towel
Striped & Polka-dot hooded towels
Bottle Brush
Car mirror
Swaddle blanket
Bath Toys (we are so ready to give this little boy a bath with all his new, fun bath stuff!)
Super soft minky baby blanket (with dinosaurs) - there seemed to be an unspoken dinosaur theme.  I got so many dinosaur things - all so cute!
Another dinosaur blanket - super lightweight which will be awesome since he'll be a summer baby
Sippy cups
Rattle ball
Peanut Butter M&M's (my favorite)
Dinosaur slippers
Vibrating car seat toy
Monster book
Crib rail gummi protector
Dinosaur onesies
Bathtub water deflector (see picture below)
Boon Flo- Green/White
This is seriously the coolest thing and I'm so excited Sabrina got it for me!  It covers your faucet so the baby doesn't bonk his head on the metal edges and it deflects the water and makes it like a little fountain so you can wash their hair underneath it!  I'm so excited!
A seriously huge thanks to everyone who came to the shower and to Kelli & Rachel for hosting!  Now we are just going to finish buying all of baby's items left on the registry and then it'll be time to sit back and anxiously await baby's arrival!


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