Our trip to California two weekends ago was so much fun!  We drove all night Wednesday, arrived around 4am Thursday morning and headed back to Utah on Monday morning.  That may sound short but, to us, it actually seemed pretty long!  It seems like we are always taking 1-2 day trips so having 4 full days was bliss!  Ryan & Rachel came with us on the trip but nobody knew they were coming so it was a fun surprise when everyone found out they were there too!

On Thursday me, T, R&R went out to lunch with my dad on his lunch break then played some ping-pong at my parents house.  We had a few mini-tournaments which was fun :] T & I went to his parents' house on Thursday night for dinner and stayed the night there.

On Friday, we we bought LIFE INSURANCE!! Holy cow, I am starting to feel so grown up.  My dad has a good friend who owns an Allstate office so we set up an appointment with a guy at his office and set everything up so baby & I are set in case anything were ever to happen to T.  But that's enough about that because just thinking about ever having to use life insurance makes me so sad.  After our meeting we met R&R at my grandparents' house for some good old chicken foot.  Grandma served us root beer during the game and then gave us some pineapple cake afterward...she is so sweet!  After chicken foot, I went shopping at Old Navy with Rachel and Jamie.  Jamie bought TONS of stuff, Rachel got a super cute skirt, and I copied Rachel by buying the same skirt plus 2 more.  I'm super excited because they were on sale for only $12 (originally $30!) and they are elastic all the way around so they FIT my pregnant self!  I only had to go one size up and bought small instead of x-small so that made me feel pretty good!  They are super comfy (and cute!) and perfect for work since all my maternity work pants are annoying and uncomfortable.  Friday night was the baby shower.  So much fun!

On Saturday T's mom made us a delicious breakfast of eggs, hash browns, canadian bacon, and toast.  Mmmm.  Then I spent the morning shopping with my BFF, Kallie.  She couldn't come to my baby shower since she had a wedding to go to so it was fun that we still got to meet up and spend some much-needed BFF time together!  I bought some super cute baby clothes (in larger sizes since I'm pretty much STOCKED from newborn-12 months) that were all on super-sale since it was Memorial Day weekend!  Kallie found a super cute little baby suit coat at The Children's Place that was on sale for $5!!  It was originally $35 so it was a HUGE steal and I could not pass it up!  Then at Carter's I bought 3 footie pajamas, 2 church outfits, a bath robe, and newborn mittens all for $50!  Saturday afternoon we had a BBQ to celebrate my Dad's 51st birthday (which was on the day before we arrived).  The guests included me & T, R&R, Jai, Chris, Mom, Dad, and all grandparents!  Dad cooked cheeseburgers (delish!) and Grandma Davis brought a yummy potato salad.  We had been planning to eat the BBQ outside and have a swim party but (of course) the weather did not cooperate and it was totally overcast, started sprinkling some, and was way too windy to enjoy the food outside.  So we ate inside and then somehow Ryan convinced all of us (kids) to go swimming.  I'm not really sure why I agreed because the water was FREEZING!! I only stayed in about 5 minutes because I couldn't even warm up in the hot tub due to Baby Boy but the others swam for like 30-45 minutes!  Crazies!

The Grandparents

My beautiful mama

opening birthday cards

They were playing a game where they jumped onto the boogey board and tried to balance on it as long as possible.  I think this might be a failed attempt for Rachel.  Hahah :]

After swimming we went to Leatherby's for dessert.  I seriously miss Leatherby's sooo much when we are in Utah!  But maybe it's a good thing we don't have it here so that we can't go too often.  The ice cream is just to die for! We had so much fun celebrating Dad's birthday.  Happy birthday, Dad!!

My handsome hubby :]
Rachel & Jai
The Parentals

On Sunday, T & I went to morning church with my family then spent the afternoon at my parents' house watching some super cute home videos (some that I had never seen before!) and playing Taboo with my sibs.  Once T's parents got home from church we went over to their house and had dinner there with all of T's sibs!  We really really love spending time with family and can't wait to live back home again so we can do it more often!  We're also really excited to be bringing a baby back with us to add to all the craziness!

We headed back to Utah on Monday.  T started feeling sick Sunday night (body aches, a little nausea) and was even more sick by Monday so the car ride was not very fun for him :[  Not that I can say it was very fun for me either...even though I've had a relatively easy pregnancy (until I suddenly felt like I got hit by a train around 31 weeks...more on that in another post) it was not super comfortable to be cramped up in a car for 10 hours while 7 months pregnant.

The next time we head to California, it'll be for good!

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