The Pregnancy Diaries: 33 Weeks

Okay, this is really at 32 weeks from when we were swimming in California, but you get the idea.
This week baby is the size of: a pineapple! 19-22 inches, 4.9 lb.  That is like almost newborn size!!!
How far along? 33 weeks! 7 weeks to go!!! T says that seems really close and sometimes it does but most of the time it still seems pretty far away to me.  I'm so ready to meet this baby boy!
Due date: July 22, 2012
Total weight gain: Gained 31 pounds.  Yikes.
Maternity clothes? Still wearing them, of course (maybe I should remove this question??).  Not as many outfit crises this week as Dr. Gibson is out of town and I can wear jeans to work (my maternity jeans are so much cuter than my work pants and go with so many more tops!).  Hoping for less outfit crises in the future since I got those skirts at Old Navy and can wear them to work.
Best moment this week: The doctor told me at my check-up yesterday that once I make it to 34 weeks they don't really worry about the baby coming early.  Basically, after that, he could come if he really wanted to.  That makes me feel so excited that the end is really coming but at the same time it's probably going to make the last six weeks drag if I keep thinking "you can come any day now, baby!"  So I won't let myself think that until 38 weeks when it's really safe for him to come.
Movement: He's still an active little boy!  I think I feel every movement he makes now that he is getting so big!  It's really fun.  I still love feeling him move.
Food cravings: still caffeine. oh, boy :[ it's awfully hard to resist soda but i only let myself have about one per week. also, that snow cone shack next to my work opened up. i haven't had a chance to visit it yet but i'm sure once i do i'll want to go every single day.
Symptoms: How did I hit 32 weeks and then suddenly my magical world of "easy pregnancy" came a little bit crashing down on me?  To be honest, I still generally feel really great but there are times when I just want my symptom-free, pain-free body back!!  Here are my latest and greatest symptoms:
  • Waking up FOUR times per night to use the bathroom.  In the last week I haven't once had to go less than 4 times in the middle of the night.  Luckily, I still usually fall asleep really easily right afterward.  The only discomfort I struggle with while sleeping is HEAT.  But T was so sweet to adjust the air conditioner temperature by 2 degrees for me so I can sleep better at night.  The fan blows directly on me but I can never decide if I want it blowing on my face or my feet.  My feet get SO hot but I also want the fan on my face.  Too bad the oscillator on it is broken :[  Some nights I consider putting a cool washcloth on my feet when I wake up so, so hot but I never feel like getting up to do it.  I wonder if it would actually help?
  • Braxton Hicks.  It seems like they are happening all day every day!  My doctor told me to make sure to keep track so I can know if I have 5 or more in an hour.  They are not coming that regularly (more like 2 per hour) but they are still just so uncomfortable!  They don't hurt, they're just really uncomfortable.  They used to happen only at night when I laid down to go to bed but now they are happening during the day :[ I wish having Braxton Hicks meant something like the baby is going to come a little early (like 2 weeks early, not now early) but I know they don't.  So bummer.
  • Headaches! I got one in California on Friday afternoon, it lasted 72 hours STRAIGHT!, then went away for a little while but it just keeps coming back.  I asked my doctor about it and he said it's probably just hormones but to call if it ever becomes really severe.  It's not really severe, it's just very annoying.  It just comes and goes only in my right temple and the right side of the back of my neck gets really tight.
  • This baby is getting on my nerves.  Not figuratively (I would never say that!) but LITERALLY.  I have been having super sharp vaginal pains (TMI?).  Oh my goodness, this must be the worst of all the symptoms.  I will just be going about my regular daily business, walking around, and suddenly BAM! - the worst lightning-like vaginal pain you have ever felt.  It is only just a second and then it's gone but then next thing you know ANOTHER one hits!! It's really quite embarrassing when I'm in public and suddenly I freeze in the middle of a walkway and gasp/almost scream.  People look at you funny.  Usually I laugh at the same time as screaming/crying (I don't really cry and scream.  Usually I just gasp or really quietly scream) because I feel so ridiculous (even when it happens at home) but seriously.  These things kill.  I asked my doctor about it and he said it's just the baby's positioning.  He said sometimes the baby is just sitting or pushing on a nerve that sends those sharp pains.  He also said there is nothing I can do about it.  That's really quite unfortunate since the other day T & I were running errands and I had to stop walking like every 15 seconds due to the sharp pains.  It was probably really frustrating to T (and embarrassing when I started talking to a cashier and then stopped mid-sentence and gasped) but he was a total champ about it and stopped every 15 seconds with me. It happens several times a day but hopefully baby will start adjusting his position and get off my nerves sometime soon!
  • Low back cramps.  Just occasionally and they only last about an hour.  They're still not my favorite.
  • I'm really exhausted still when I get home from work.  I've been taking quite a few naps.
Labor Signs: None.
Belly Button in or out? I feel like my belly button started popping out but then it just kind of disappeared.  It's almost not even there!  It's so weird.
Feeling toward Pregnancy: Feeling like in seven weeks I will be more than ready to be not pregnant.
What I miss: my cute pre-pregnancy clothes! I was packing them all up the other day (I'm in a packing frenzy) and I said to T "wow, I really have so many cute clothes! Once I'm not pregnant it's going to be like getting a whole new wardrobe!" I really am pretty excited to fit into my cute clothes again.
What I am looking forward to: Utah baby shower in just a week and a half!
Milestones: Just went to the doctor yesterday, going back in 2 weeks!!!  That is just so exciting to me!

In other pregnancy news, we went to our first prenatal class today.  LOVE.  Our teacher is an RN named Candice who has been a nurse for 14 years and currently works in Labor & Delivery (and the nursery) at the hospital we are delivering at.  She has worked at 3 of the most popular hospitals in the area and says she really thinks our hospital is the best of them all.  It's just really small and she said it makes patients really feel like they get a lot more care and attention.  I'm really excited to deliver there!...and really bummed that I won't be able to deliver there for future babies.  Anyway, Candice is a really great, entertaining teacher.  The class today was really informative.  We have three more classes (once a week for three more weeks) and I'm really looking forward to them!

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