The Pregnancy Diaries: 35 Weeks

35 Weeks!!!
Yes, my belly is HUGE.  It looks like I'm hiding a basketball under my shirt!  Well we are 35 WEEKS with only 5 weeks to go!  I think D-Day is going to come sooner than I think it will.

This week baby is the size of: a large cantaloupe! 19-22 inches, 6 lb.
How far along? 35 weeks! 5 more to go!
Due date: July 22, 2012
Total weight gain: Haven't weighed myself in about two weeks so I have no idea.
Best moment this week: Utah Baby Shower! (technically it was last week but it was just 3 days ago).  But I do have a really GREAT moment from this week...1 CM DILATED!!!
Movement: He moves pretty much all the time and he gets the hiccups sometimes :]
Food cravings: nothing in particular
Symptoms: Holy heck, they are just adding up every day.  Here we go:
  • Waking up 8 times per night to use the bathroom.  That's right, 8.  That number has doubled from two weeks ago!
  • Braxton Hicks...still.
  • Hip pain when I walk.  And pelvic pain and pressure.  I think he is maybe in the process of dropping because my pelvis feels heavy when I's pretty uncomfortable at times.
  • Discomfort while sleeping.  A couple nights ago I made myself a little bed on top of the bed using 8+ pillows.  I didn't leave any pillows for poor T but I've been sleeping a lot better with this new contraption!
  • Exhaustion.
Labor Signs: None.
Belly Button in or out? It's still a half-y!
Feeling toward Pregnancy: Getting a little bit tired.
What I miss: Being skinny.  Using the bathroom only 3-4 times per day instead of what seems like 50.
What I am looking forward to: Using our 10% completion coupons to get everything remaining on our registries!!
Milestones: Seeing the doctor every week from now until delivery!!!

Okay, did you see that part up there about the best moment this week?  That's right - I am 1 cm dilated!!!  I had my 35 week check-up with Dr. Harward today.  He did my Group B Strep swab test and then checked my cervix and I can't believe I have anything to report!!  I thought for sure he would say I was closed and 0% effaced.  To my complete surprise and total EXCITEMENT he said I am 1 cm dilated!!! He didn't say if I was effaced at all but I assume it's insignificant like maybe 5% if anything because he said I'm still pretty thick.  Then he told me that being 1cm dilated at 35 weeks is a good indication that my body is getting ready to go into labor soon.  He said he would expect I would deliver at maybe 38 or 39 weeks!  Of course, a "good indication" does not mean this will necessarily happen but just the hope of it is so exciting!  Maybe we will have a little bit of an early bird!  The dr did tell me that if I haven't delivered at 1 week past my due date he will induce me.  Of course I would really rather have Baby come on his own but knowing that I don't have to be more than 1 week overdue is also a nice thought.  Here's to hoping the doctor's estimate is correct and little boy makes his appearance 1-2 weeks early! Even right on time would be great.

The doctor also felt my tummy and said the baby is head down (he also told me this 2 weeks ago but I don't think I blogged about it?) so that's good.  No breech baby here.  Phew.

Baby's heartbeat was 150bpm today which is perfect.

We are just getting so excited to meet our little man! 5(ish) weeks left!!!

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