The Pregnancy Diaries: 36 Weeks

Sorry, I don't have a picture for this week yet.  I don't feel like taking one since I'm huge but I will anyway as soon as I'm wearing a half-decently cute outfit one day.  Those are hard to come by these days!

This week baby is the size of: a watermelon!! and it looks like it too! i'm telling you, my belly is HUGE. 19-22in, 6.5 pounds.
How far along? 36 weeks!
Due date: July 22, 2012
Total weight gain: 35 pounds.  I am right at the maximum recommended.  No more weight gain!! I've heard some women lose a few pounds in the last couple weeks so if that's true then I've stayed within the recommended weight gain!...we'll see.
Best moment this week: we hit the 1 month mark! i am officially 8 months pregnant!
Movement: Baby Boy still moves a lot but it has slowed down some from before.  I think he is getting a tiny bit cramped in there.
Food cravings: Soda. Or any kind of drink, really. Water, shakes, slurpies.  I want it all.
Symptoms: Some days I feel great, some days I feel not as great.  Usually I feel worst in the middle of the night.  That seems to be when the Braxton Hicks want to hit.  Here are my current symptoms:
  • A little bit of insomnia.  I still feel well-rested when I get up so I guess I am getting enough sleep but after using the bathroom (you know, 8 times each night) I usually lay awake for awhile before I can fall back asleep.  I'm getting a little bit anxious about baby coming.  I'm excited but I'm also starting to feel pretty nervous about being a mommy.
  • Braxton Hicks...still.
  • Lots of sharp pelvic pain.  The dr says it's his head hitting the nerves.  Sometimes the pain is so sharp I can't walk.
  • Swollen hands :[  I had to take off my wedding ring which I was really sad about.  It fits just perfectly and in the summer it always gets a little tight but just add in a tiny bit of pregnancy swelling and it's too tight.
  • Swollen feet.  It just hit me one day.  I was fine in the morning, wore my Toms all day (the culprits, I think) and after our prenatal class that night both T & I noticed that my feet and ankles were very swollen.  I elevated and iced them that night and they haven't been so bad the last couple days but I've been trying to wear looser shoes.
Labor Signs: None.
Feeling toward Pregnancy: I marvel at how amazing the human body is and the way it changes to allow women to carry (and then deliver) babies.  So I think pregnancy is pretty amazing but I'm starting to feel ready for my turn to be over for now.
What I miss: Being able to bend over without serious tummy aches.  I can't even reach down far enough to toss something into the trash can under my desk without my tummy really hurting.
What I am looking forward to: Car seat safety check today!, D-Day is getting close and seeming more and more real!
Milestones: less than one month to go!

Had a check-up with Dr. Harward on Monday.  I was hoping he would check to see if there has been any progress but he did not check my cervix at all :[  He told me that he has me set up for induction on Monday, July 30 if the baby has not made an appearance on his own by then.  I was totally bummed after my appointment just from hearing the induction date because it made me feel like the baby will be late and won't arrive until July 30.  That's a silly thing to think just because my induction date is set just in case but I'm increasingly doubtful he will arrive on time.  I really, really do not want to be induced so I am just so hoping the baby will come on his own even if it's on July 29th!

Dr Harward is going to be out of town next week so I've told Baby he can't come until July 9 when Dr. Harward is back.  I don't think he will have any problem agreeing to that.  But I've also told him that he should come between July 9 & 22 with the exception of July 10 (Tom's CPA exam) and July 19 (our anniversary).  Not so sure Baby will listen to that.

My mom & dad will be in town for EFY session directing from July 21-29 so I will be pretty bummed if baby doesn't come until July 30 :[ I think my mom might be staying a little longer than my dad until July 31 or Aug 1 but if he comes on July 30 that still doesn't give me very much time to have the expert on hand!

Baby is still head down and his heartbeat was between 140-150 which the doctor said is good.

Our prenatal class has ended...we must be getting close!  We had our last class on Tuesday which was all about breastfeeding.  It was really informative (as were all the other prenatal classes) and I'm really glad we took it.  I feel like I learned a lot and I think T learned even more.

Dr. Harward said I'm on cruise control now.  Just waiting for the baby.  I feel like it will seem like a very long wait.

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