The Pregnancy Diaries: Being Grateful

I'm trying really hard to be grateful.  For what?  For only using the bathroom 8 times per night.  I bet from the title of this blog post you did not think I would be writing about peeing...but I am.

In my first trimester I started having to get up once per night to use the bathroom.  I thought that was pretty annoying.

Then my second trimester came along and I started having to use the bathroom at least once per night and usually twice.  I thought that was really annoying.

Later in my second trimester I would sometimes have to get up three times to use the bathroom.  Sometimes it was just two.  But sometimes it was three.  And that seemed like a lot.

Third trimester.  I was using the bathroom 4 times per night.  I really started to miss the first trimester when I only had to get up once per night.  That seemed heavenly even though at the time it had seemed so annoying.  I mean, really.  4 times per night?  You're getting up once every other hour.

Well, here I am with 4.5 weeks to go and I am now using the bathroom 7-8 times each night.  I feel lucky on nights (like last night) where I only have to get up 6 times.  For the first few nights of this I was thinking how annoying it is to be getting up every hour to use the bathroom.

Now I'm thinking I should start being grateful that I am only using the bathroom 7-8 times per night.  Because at one point I really thought it couldn't get worse than 4 times per night and then it suddenly doubled.  So I'm being grateful today for only using the bathroom 8 times per night since I have no idea what to expect tomorrow.

What if I have to wake up 16 times per night?!  8 times per night sounds pretty great compared to that.

Today I'm being grateful.

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