The Pregnancy Diaries: Highchair LUCK!

So like I said in a previous post, T & I have been slowly purchasing all the big items left on our registry using 20% off coupons at Babies R Us.  Last week we bought our bouncer, vaporizer, and car seat stroller frame.  We had one more 20% off coupon that was valid for this week and we wanted to use it on the high chair we registered for.  It's $70 which is a lot but I actually realized it's not as much as several other high chairs that run around $130 (yikes!).  So here is the highchair we wanted:
It's totally awesome because it can rotate 360 degrees.  So you have have baby facing the table or you can rotate him out for easier feeding or for him to see what's going on around him.

The only problem is it's carried in a limited number of stores and we wanted to use our 20% off coupon which you can only use on in-store purchases.  So we went to the local store and asked if they had it.  Nope, they don't carry it in the store.  They told me the Midvale store might carry it since they are a lot larger but that is like an hour away and I didn't want to drive that far.  My 20% coupon would probably not even be worth much after my time and gas to go to Midvale.  So I called the Folsom store back home to see if they carried it.  My little sister works nearby so I thought she could stop by and pick it up if they carried it. Nope.  They also do not carry this product in their store.  Super bummer.  So I decided to call the Midvale store just to see if they carried it and then I would decide if I wanted to make the drive.

When I told the lady at the Midvale store what I was looking for she said they normally do not carry it in their store BUT someone had just returned one from online to their store!  She said it was still sealed in the box!  The couple had just purchased 2 in different patterns and kept the pattern they liked and returned the other.  I didn't even know there were 2 patterns (there is only one available online...not sure how they got the other) but the pattern they returned was the one I wanted anyway (pictured above)!

She told me they could hold the high chair for me and I asked how long they would be able to hold it.  She asked how long I needed it held for and I told her I wasn't quite sure because I lived in Provo and just didn't know when I could make the drive up to Midvale.  She then told me that she actually lived in Orem (next city over where the local Babies R Us is!) and said she could do a store transfer and bring it to the Orem store!!!  I was so excited and I can still hardly believe my luck!  Today is even her day off but she said she would bring it into the store today when she got the chance.  What a sweetheart!  So Babies R Us called me tonight to let me know the high chair had been delivered to their store and I could come pick it up whenever!  I am seriously so thrilled since I just have to go to the store that is right here and I get to use my 20% off coupon and save almost $15!  I am never this lucky!  What are the chances that I called on the day the couple returned the high chair (and not before they returned it) and before it was sold AND talked to the employee who LIVES in Orem?! We're totally lucky...and blessed!  So excited to go pick it up tomorrow on my way home from work :]

PS The lady in Midvale told me she and the other employees had just been commenting when it was returned that it was going to sell so fast.  I'm glad I called when I did!

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