Utah Baby Shower!

Yesterday my little sister, Kelli, and my sister-in-law, Rachel, threw me an amazing baby shower!  It was so much fun and everything was so cute!!!

Entrance to Kelli's apartment (sorry for the horrible lighting)
Cute little "rattles" made from marshmallows dipped in chocolate!
Food table
Isn't this such a darling cake?!
Sweets table again
Seriously delicious Shirley Temples.  I had three cups and would have had more if I felt like I wasn't taking everyone else's share! Those little duckies were floating at first but they all fell over. Oh, and notice the adorable paper straws.
Hahah, so cute right?! And the fruit was delish so it was a win-win!
Everything on this table was just so cute, I can't resist adding one more picture!
We played a cute baby words memory game with the board pictured below.  Just pick two numbers and Kelli opened the flaps to reveal the words underneath.  We just went in a circle guessing until all the matches had been found!  If you made a match you got a candy bar corresponding to the matching words.  So like for "preemie" you can runts candy or for "contractions" you got whoppers.
Memory Board

And!  Baby Boy & I seriously got so many awesome presents!  We are so spoiled and so lucky to have so many great friends!
Not sure why I was making this face but Kelli caught it on camera.
Kirsten from my soccer team made this! And a matching hooded towel!  Isn't it amazing and so incredibly cute?!
L-R: Etta, Sabrina, Lindsey, Riley, Libby, McKenzie
My cousin Jordan and his wife Megan got us this super cute book called "There's a Monster at the End of This Book."  I had never heard of it before but both Megan & Jordan had it growing up and loved it.  Megan suggested I read it out loud so I did and it is seriously just the cutest book ever!  I can't wait to start reading it to Baby Boy.  I'm sure he'll love it!
Everyone!  We are so grateful that so many people came to help us celebrate the upcoming arrival of Baby Boy!
Me & Megan
My cute friend, Jana, who is expecting November 8!
I'm seriously in love with this adorable owl stroller toy!  So, so cute!
The hooded towel Kirsten made

 Presents we got (hopefully I don't leave anything out):

Curious George book (a collection of several stories)
Baby nighttime bath wash (2 sets!)
Regular baby bath wash
Receiving Blankets
Owl stroller toy
Hooded dinosaur towel & hand towel
Striped & Polka-dot hooded towels
Bottle Brush
Car mirror
Swaddle blanket
Bath Toys (we are so ready to give this little boy a bath with all his new, fun bath stuff!)
Super soft minky baby blanket (with dinosaurs) - there seemed to be an unspoken dinosaur theme.  I got so many dinosaur things - all so cute!
Another dinosaur blanket - super lightweight which will be awesome since he'll be a summer baby
Sippy cups
Rattle ball
Peanut Butter M&M's (my favorite)
Dinosaur slippers
Vibrating car seat toy
Monster book
Crib rail gummi protector
Dinosaur onesies
Bathtub water deflector (see picture below)
Boon Flo- Green/White
This is seriously the coolest thing and I'm so excited Sabrina got it for me!  It covers your faucet so the baby doesn't bonk his head on the metal edges and it deflects the water and makes it like a little fountain so you can wash their hair underneath it!  I'm so excited!
A seriously huge thanks to everyone who came to the shower and to Kelli & Rachel for hosting!  Now we are just going to finish buying all of baby's items left on the registry and then it'll be time to sit back and anxiously await baby's arrival!

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