Utah Valley Parade of Homes: Day 1

Utah Valley Parade of Homes: Three weeks of beautiful, extra-ginormous homes that are open to the public to tour.

So I've been wanting to go to the Parade of Homes every year since we've lived here but I've just never gotten around to it.  This year when I saw the billboard on the way to work I knew I had to get tickets this year!  So I asked Kelli if she wanted to go and she said YES!  So we bought tickets and started touring the homes yesterday.  There are 19 houses this year and we saw 6 yesterday.  We took pictures of some of the things we loved!

Beautiful master bath.  Lots of the homes had the bowl those!

Love the fireplace
Gorgeous deck with a beautiful view.  Loving the design out here.
Love the chandelier
Cutest idea!  Laundry detergent in a bowl with a scooper.
Love the color theme in this bathroom. 
Look at those cute shelves in the window seat!

Favorite kitchen.  Love the countertops, gorgeous gas range, love the cabinets!
This house had pictures of Christ everywhere.   I loved it!  See the two flanking the fireplace?
I really love this shower tile. Gorgeous.
So this is the master closet.  It's like twice as big as what you can see.  How awesome is it that they have a washer and dryer in their closet?  And then you can just fold your laundry on that huge island and put it away!  Loving this idea.  They had another laundry room for the kids down the hall.
Gift-wrapping station.  SO AWESOME.  This little station was just in an alcove in the laundry room.  This is the tissue paper, all just hanging on tension rods.  Brilliant!
Wrapping paper and ribbon

Gift bags
Loving the interior of the shower.
Library.  Love.  I want one so badly!
A SLIDE IN THE HOUSE!!! Isn't that so awesome!? Not sure where it ended (maybe in a playroom?)
Snacks in glass canisters.  Love it.
Theater room with a little kitchenette.  Built-in party!
Basketball court!  So cool.  You could play so many games down here.  There was also a spot to put a volleyball net.
Gorgeous master bath.
Love this idea of cereal in dispensers.
Live plants on the wall in one of the houses.  Just in the hallway.  Cool art!
Love the color theme of this room.  Grey & yellow!
Love this backsplash so much!
LOVE this living space.  SO gorgeous!  Definitely one of our favorites.  The walls are light blue and this whole area is so open and airy and gorgeous!
Loving this master bedroom
Window seat in master bedroom.
Love the wall detail here.
Basically, Parade of Homes is totally amazing and the houses are so gorgeous!  So excited to see more homes this week!

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