The pregnancy diaries: no pain, no gain

No pain, no gain.

That is my motto lately. More like my mantra.

39 weeks today and just so excited to hold this little baby and see his cute face!! I keep wishing for contractions or back pain or just SOMETHING. To my disappointment, I have no pain at all. I'm mostly only uncomfortable at night and it's just mostly from being restless. No contractions, no back pain. Barely even any Braxton Hicks! The ones I do have (like 2-3 a day) are so mild it's ridiculous. I'm sure once the pain actually is here (and in full force) I will be wishing it away but right now I just want it to come! You can't have a baby without contractions. No pain, no gain.

I'm so anxious that I wonder if he'll ever come! Come on, baby!

Bring on the pain (preferably in the next four days).

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