Let me tell you: PUPPP is seriously the most miserable thing I have ever experienced in my life.  I told T I would rather tear my ACL 10 more times than suffer through this ever again.  It is so horribly horrible.

Warning:  There are pictures of the PUPPP rash in this post.  They are pretty gross.  Plus they include my gigantic pregnant belly.  You've been warned.

So.  The latest on the PUPPP.  Yesterday T & I celebrated our 4th anniversary (yay! - another post on that part of the day later).  Before beginning our celebrations I called the doctor's office to ask if they had any suggestions for my crazy itchiness since nothing seemed to be working.  I also asked if I could maybe get in to see a doctor to have my membranes stripped since the only cure for PUPPP is delivery (Dr. Harward is out of town).  Unfortunately the only doctor who was working yesterday was totally booked so they told me they would call me back and let me know what to do.

After breakfast, T & I headed to the store to get a soap I read about online that is supposedly a "miracle soap" for PUPPP.  It's called Grandpa's Pine Tar Soap and you can buy it at health stores.  So we went to the nearest one and picked up a bar for $4.  I showered with it and my itchiness seemed to fade some.

While T & I were out celebrating the doctor's office called me back and told me they wanted me to go to Labor & Delivery to have my rash assessed and see if they would strip my membranes.  So we headed over to the hospital.  They looked at my rash and could tell I was totally miserable.  The on-call doctor wanted the nurse to check my cervix (even though it was just checked on Monday) and I was dilated to a 3 and 80% effaced.  Because I was already at a 3 and everything seemed to be in good position for delivering they offered to just induce me.  This whole pregnancy I've been not wanting to be induced so I was really torn about what to do.  Either deliver the baby (on our anniversary) via induction or live with the rash for possibly 4 more days (until I see Dr Harward which would be my next opportunity to be induced) hoping that the baby comes on his own soon.

After lots of tears (I had like no sleep the night before - 3 hours max, not consecutive) I decided (with T's help) to not be induced.  I asked the doctor if he could just strip my membranes and prescribe an anti-itch cream and I would wait it out over the weekend hoping for labor to begin on its own.  The nurse thought I was crazy for denying the induction and tried to talk me into it.  She explained that the on-call doctors almost never offer induction if it's not an emergency and how it was so nice of him.  I agree that it was really nice of him to offer that to me since I'm clearly miserable but I still just really did not want to be induced.  So I stuck my ground and said I wanted to wait it out over the weekend.  And even though I'm terribly itchy, I still feel really good about my decision.  I really feel like the baby is going to come on his own this weekend.  And if I'm wrong and he doesn't then I will ask to be induced on Monday.  I might be crazy but I'm not stupid enough to live with this rash an extra week until my currently scheduled induction date of Monday, July 30.  By this Monday he will be a day overdue anyway and I don't think I could stand the horrific itching any longer.  I'm already almost completely out of my mind.

The cream the on-call doctor prescribed me only kind of works.  It's hit & miss and when it does work it lasts for like 30 minutes.  And it never completely takes the itch away.  I'm finding that the best things to do are shower 4-5 times a day (with the tar soap which stinks by the way), put the anti-itch cream on in between showers, and ice the itch away with an ice pack.  Last night I was actually able to get some sleep by laying a super cold washcloth over my bare belly.  I only worked a half-day today (just in the afternoon) because I knew I couldn't be away from home for 8+ hours.  I need to take a shower 4-5 times a day so that wouldn't work if I was gone all day.

I had a second emotional breakdown yesterday (after my breakdown at the hospital) because I was just so miserable and miserably itchy.  Sometimes it stings or burns because some of the wheals are open from scratching.  I've never had hives before but I think that's what this is like.  Hives everywhere all over my belly.  See for yourself:

It looks even more red & grumpy in person.  Gross, right?  And my skin feels so nasty.  It is all bumpy over the whole rash.

Hoping this baby decides to come really soon so I can be on the road to recovery!

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  1. You POOR thing!! I hope he comes soon to relieve you of that!! Itching is the absolute worst.


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