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Our poor little Jack has an infection in his umbilical cord stump!  We were out doing Jack's newborn photo shoot today and he was being so, so cranky which is so out of character for him.  He just would not fall asleep and I could not figure out what was wrong.  Finally we decided to take a break from trying to get pictures and let the photographer shoot her next appointment while I nursed Jack and calmed him down.  While I was nursing him I noticed that something smelled really awful.  At first I thought it was because Jack had peed when his diaper was off during the photo shoot and it had gotten on his body.  So I wiped him down with a wipe but that didn't help at all and really, that smell was awful.  Not really like pee.  After some sniffing around (haha) I realized it was his umbilical cord stump.  The first thing I thought was infection since anything really foul-smelling often indicates an infection.  So I called his doctor's office to ask if I should be concerned.  They said yes and that I needed to come in today so we set an appointment for later in the afternoon.  Luckily, Jack finally fell into a deep enough sleep to finish his newborn portraits (let me tell you, they turned out SO cute!).  The photo shoot took us 3 long hours thanks to Jack's fussiness and the photo studio accidentally over-booking (we had to wait for another photographer to come into the studio).

After our super long photo shoot we headed straight to the doctor.  She confirmed that Jack did indeed have an infection.  She cleaned the stump and then put something on it (I can't remember now what it was...).  She prescribed a cream for Jack that we need to apply to his cord stump three times a day for a week.  We've been instructed to return to the doctor's office immediately if we notice redness extending out from his belly button or a fever.  I'm not sure if the infection was what was bothering Jack or if it was just that he was so over-tired but I'm glad we caught it early and could start treating it right away.

As if a cord infection wasn't enough, poor little Jack also has a clogged tear duct.  Yesterday we noticed that his eye was all crusty after a nap so we cleaned it up with a warm, wet washcloth but after every nap he just had more gunk in his eyes.  Tom looked it up and we determined he had a clogged tear duct.  While we were at the doctor's office today I asked about it and she confirmed that it was a clogged tear duct and said just to keep wiping out the gunk with a warm, wet washcloth and try to keep his eye as clean as possible.  I assumed this would clear itself up in a couple of days but the doctor told us they normally clear up themselves within 2-10 months (WHAT?!) and if by 10 months there are still problems then they will refer him to a specialist.  I'm not worried that it will last for 10 months but even 2 months is a long time to have to wipe his eyes 8-10 times a day!  Especially since he hates having them wiped so much.  Our poor little baby!

On a happier note, Jack now weighs 9lb6oz (5oz up from his birth weight and 10oz more than he weighed just 4 days ago at our other doctor appointment!).  He is 21.5" long which means he has grown a full inch since his birth!  This little boy is growing like a weed.

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  1. Poor Jack. Zachary had something really similar with his cord.They put silver something on his. It healed up nicely after a few weeks. Hope things continue to go well and your moce goes smoothly. See you in September.


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