a day in the life.

Jack is 2 months old today (time flies!) and I would definitely say we have somewhat of a daily routine at this point.  Walk through a day with us...

Jack & I get up for the day sometime between 7-8am
depending on how well Jack slept the night before.
I eat then Jack eats.
Or Jack eats then I eat.
depending on when he last ate and how hungry he is.
then I load him up in the jogging stroller
[one of the best baby purchases I've made, FYI]

of course Mr. Bunny comes along
[he comes everywhere with us]
i can't forget Jack's pacifier, blanket, or burp cloth
otherwise i might have to head back home to get them.
If it's Monday, Wednesday, or Friday
then you'll see us running
[training for the 5k we plan to run in the spring!]
If it's Tuesday or Thursday
you'll see us out for a leisurely stroll.
we walk anywhere between 2 and 5 miles
depending on how Jack is doing
and how early/late of a start we got.
if we leave anytime after 8:45 it will be a short walk
because it starts to get too warm around 9am.
whether we are walking or running
we listen to my "running" playlist on amazon cloud

we listen to music but we also listen to birds & crickets.
we see lots of things on our walks/runs
like the beautiful scenery on the trails

and birds
and bunny rabbits
[real ones, not just Mr. Bunny]
and lizards [baby ones too!]
and last week we even saw coyotes
...a whole pack.
[we decided to take a detour and did not run down the street that would have caused them to be surrounding us. we thought it was a smart move.]

Jack usually falls asleep somewhere along the walk/run.

sometimes he stays asleep when we get home
but, like this morning, sometimes he wakes up

look how happy he is!
whether he's awake or still asleep
I move Jack from the car seat to his bouncer
[bring it upstairs with me]
get on the exercise bike 
and "ride" about 4 miles.
I can't wait until Jack is old enough to sit on the back of a real bike.
since Jack is still tired he falls back asleep during my bike ride
[this is my time to Pinterest!]
Jack is still asleep when I'm done biking
so I bring his bouncer downstairs and into the bathroom with me
and I hop into the shower.
sometimes Jack wakes up either while traveling downstairs
or while I'm in the shower.
this morning he woke up when I carried him downstairs.

but don't worry; he fell back asleep during my shower.
Usually Jack wakes up before I can get my hair and makeup done.
so he nurses
and then i dress him for the day
and then we play.
then he's tired again
[the life of a baby!]
so i put him in his swing
wrap a blanket around him real tight
give him his pacifier
and of course Mr. Bunny!
turn on the swing and the water sound
and leave the room
he talks to himself or sings
sometimes it takes just one minute
and sometimes one hour
but eventually he will fall asleep
all by himself.

this is my time to finish doing my hair & makeup
and then do as many chores as i can before he wakes up again
like laundry. and clean the bathroom. and make the bed. and tidy up.

then jack is awake again!
so he sits in his bouncer
while i finish some chores.

he is happy to watch me and his birdies.
then he eats. and then we play.
he loves the sound of rattles
and silly songs i make up.
he loves to be tickled
and smiled at.
he just coos and coos
and smiles
[and giggles too!]
it's the cutest thing ever.

then jack goes down for yet another nap!
and falls asleep all by himself again.
i indulge in an episode of say yes to the dress or house hunters hurry and eat lunch.

then do as much as i can from my to-do list
like blogging. and journaling.

then aunt jai and uncle chris come home from school!
they play with jack for a little bit
before cheer & homework.

we continue the cycle of eat/play/sleep
and wait and wait for daddy to come home.
i start dinner while jack sleeps or plays in his swing or bouncer
then daddy comes home between 5:30-6:30.
it's a great big party because we are so excited!!
jack and daddy play
[clearly i need a better picture of how much laughing goes on while these two play.
jack thinks daddy is just so funny.]

and i finish dinner.
then everybody eats
and cleans up.

then daddy has to study for the last part of the CPA exam.
so jack & i play.
sometimes by ourselves
and sometimes with grandma or grandpa
or aunt jai or uncle chris.

later in the evening we go on another walk.
usually grandma comes along.
and sometimes aunt jai
if she isn't at cheer or tumbling or work or doing homework
[she is one busy little girl]
and daddy if he can get away from studying
and uncle chris if he isn't busy playing xbox.
we walk about 5 miles.

every other night jack gets a bath.
he loves loves loves bathtime.
the only part he screams at is getting out.
it's pretty immediate.
lift him out of the water and the screaming begins.
but i hurry and wrap him up in the towel
and then he is happy again.
the other day we put him in this cute robe:

we all just about died with the cuteness.
there were lots of jokes about jack jack requesting room service.
doesn't he just look like a little man?

after bath time it's time for bed.
so jack eats and then gets swaddled in his SwaddleMe
[another great baby purchase]
then i sing him two primary songs
say a prayer with him
and lay him in his cradle.
I wind up the musical Willow Tree figurine
and leave the room.
and jack jack falls asleep all by himself.
[we just started not rocking him to sleep during naps and bedtime
and jack is doing so great!]

I do some leg workouts and spend a little bit of time with T
[he is still busy studying]
watching the office usually.
or whatever someone else is already watching.

Then I join Jack Jack in the room and go to sleep.

and then it starts all over again.

*I should add that this is our routine most days but sometimes we join my mom and dad for lunch or run a few errands with my mom on her days off.  If there is a doctor appointment and we get the car for the day then we run all kinds of errands and go visit Grandma & Grandpa Wallace.  We are happy to have adjustments to the routine sometimes.  Jack is such a good baby and is content to sleep and play and eat wherever we are.*

Heavenly Father has been good to us.
We are loving life.

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