all the other stuff.

so Jack & I were driving to costco last night to get some groceries.
I turned the radio on and the [female] DJ was having a conversation with a [male] listener.
it went something like this
[mind you, we came in in the middle of the conversation]:

DJ: and how long have you been together?
Listener: About 2 years.
DJ: Good for you, sounds like you've stuck it out through hard times.
L: Yep.
DJ: And you're still happy.
L: Still happy.
DJ: and still in love.
L: still in love.
DJ: and how old are you?
L: I'm 27.
DJ: So you're old enough to know what you want in life.
L: Exactly.
DJ: And is there a ring somewhere in the future?
L: *laughs* yes, sometime.
DJ: And has she been hinting at it, mentioning maybe how she wants to wear a long dress? or admiring her best friend's ring saying "honey, look at this gorgeous ring!"
L: *laughing* yes.
DJ: So what's the hold up?
L: I just need to get some things in order first.
DJ: Like what?
L: I need to get out of college first.
DJ: Why?
L: Because we don't want to have to worry about all the other stuff.  We want to be comfortable.

and the conversation went on ending with the DJ playing the listener's requested song.  
but that last sentence is the ringer.  
it's the one that made me remember the whole conversation.
because I thought to myself "how sad."
maybe his fiance agrees with him and wants him to finish college before they become engaged.
maybe she, too, wants to be "comfortable"
and not have to "worry about all the other stuff."
or maybe she just wants to get married despite those reasons.
either way I just felt sad that they were going to put off the start of the rest of their lives together because they didn't want to have to worry about all the other stuff.
because isn't it better to get to worry about all the other stuff with your spouse by your side?
I, for one, am grateful that I didn't have to worry about all the other stuff on my own
and I know T is too.

I'm glad we didn't wait until he finished college.
yes, we worried
about school
student debt
pinching pennies
paying rent
but we did it together.
and through it all we were still comfortable.

and because we worried about all those things together 
we're going to be even better worrying about
raising Jack
buying a home
paying the mortgage
[still] pinching pennies
and we plan to do all of it together.

let me just say
I'm glad we were brave enough to worry about all the other stuff
because as I've heard my mom say about a million times in the last month
Stuff doesn't matter.
People matter.

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