It's a sad day!

My poor little buddy has had this concerned look on his face all day.


My best guess is that the poor little boy has a cold and, along with that cold, a sore little throat.

Yesterday Jack was not sleeping well. He didn't take any real naps between 1:30pm and bedtime (10pm). Just little 20 minute cat naps here and there. Finally at 10:00 I thought maybe something was bothering him since every time he fell asleep he would wake right back up.

So I gave him baby Tylenol and within 30 minutes he was out (finally!). He woke up at 2am (unusual because he has been sleeping through the night for over 2 weeks) so I nursed him a little and gave him more Tylenol. He "slept" until 5 but was in a really restless sleep. I couldn't sleep because he kept making funny sounds whenever her swallowed. Like he was choking or something. So then I started to wonder if he had a sore throat. He had a stuffy nose when he woke up at 2am and he had been drooling some during the day (not wanting to swallow?). Today he has cried at every feeding (poor little boy!!) and makes a sad face whenever he swallows.

Pretty sure this little baby has his first sore throat. It makes for one sad baby and one sad mama :(

Here's to hoping it goes away soon. I miss my happy little buddy!

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