two months.

today we went to the doctor for jack's two month check-up.
he did great!!
weight: 14 lb 15 oz - 95th percentile
length: 24.5" - 98th percentile
head circumference: 16 3/4" - 100th percentile
we were not surprised to find out that jack is 95% +
everyone who sees him is surprised he is only two months old!
even the nurse laughed when she weighed him and said
"he's only two months!"
and even the dr said "he's only 2 months old? what a big boy!"
yes, this is our little monster!

Jack was so happy at the doctor's office (pre-shots, mind you).
he laughed & coo'd & smiled & giggled
the whole time the doctor checked him out.
and he just loved looking at himself in the mirror.
who can blame him - that is one cute baby!
Jack had to get 4 immunizations today.
3 injectable.
1 oral.
he made funny faces when they gave him the oral.
and then the nurse made me hold his legs down while she injected the other 3.
jack was smiling and cooing until the first needle went in.
and then he started bawling.
i really had to concentrate on holding back tears.
it was so, so sad :(
this is jack after the injections:

doesn't it just make you want to cry?
poor little baby!

since we had the car today (hooray!)
we went to visit Grandma & Grandpa Wallace 
after dropping Daddy off at work.
Jack just thought cousin Hayden was the funniest person ever.
he laughed and laughed when Hayden played with him.

and when Hayden saw Jack's bandaids he said
"oh noooo, what happened?"
in the saddest little voice.
what a sweet cousin!

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