What we've been up to!

Please excuse me for being a horrible blogger.  Now that we are living with my parents we have only our laptop (our desktop is packed away) which is horribly old and slow and it takes about a decade just to upload pictures.  It's a huge headache to blog so I have been putting it off as long as possible.  Since Jack is in a deep sleep I decided now would be a good time to finally play catch-up!  So here is what we have been up to the last month!

We had a fun visit with my good friend from work, Chelsy, and her little boy, Jaxon!

Jack & Jaxon. Aren't they adorable!?
You will have to excuse my post-baby fat...but this is Chelsy! I love her to pieces (and miss her terribly!!)

When Tom moved to California (without me and Jack-Jack!) we stayed with Kelli & Taylor for a night and Ryan & Rachel for a few days until our flight to California 5 days after T left.  Jack-Jack was such a good baby for me the whole time!  Such a cute little thing!

Ryan, Rachel & I went to In N Out and I just had to get a picture of Jack's first experience!
I think he liked it!

Jack has been learning how to move a little bit.  5 minutes before I took this picture he was facing straight at this camera angle and his head was on the center of the burp cloth.  I brush my teeth and come back and he has wiggled away!
Jack is almost 4 weeks old here.
We did lots of fun things with my siblings before we moved to California.
We went shopping with Aunt Kelli
went to a house-warming party for Ryan & Rachel
played games with R&R and K&T
went to church with K&T
had dinner with everyone
and just had a grand time!

Then we said some sad goodbyes.
To Aunt Kelli & Uncle Taylor...
...and Ryan & Rachel (who I don't have any pictures of??)
We miss everyone already!

And then arrived in California (after a wonderful plane ride with a very happy and well-behaved baby!)
and introduced Jack to lots of new people.
Like Great-Grandpa Davis (and great-grandma too!)
And lots of cousins.
Like Brittney.
and Kimberly.
And Ryan.
(and so many other cousins who I have not taken pictures with yet!)
and he has met lots of aunts & uncles!
like aunt lisa
& so many more!
I always forget to do the picture-taking thing!

Then last week the Woodlands came for a visit and to bless their new baby, Nathan.
Jack met Aunt Laurin
and cousin Emma
and cousin Nathan (who is just 7 weeks older than Jack)!
(and max too!)
Living with my family has been fun.
Jack Jack gets to spend lots of time with Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Chris and Aunt Jai!

and we get to visit the other side lots too!
We've been spending some time by the pool:

Jack has been sleeping through the night (for a week and a half now!) with his favorite little bunny.

We blessed Jack on Labor Day weekend.
Daddy gave Jack a beautiful blessing.
This is my side of the family.

this is our little family.
and this is the wallace side of the family!

(lots of the) Wallace cousins were there

and all of the Davis cousins (I'll insert picture later...)

It was a beautiful blessing day and Jack Jack was so cute in his sweater knitted by his Great-Grandma Masters.
We just love our sweet Jack to pieces!
Oh, and Jack is starting to smile at us!

Look at that cute dimple!

In other news...
Tom started work with PwC!
He spent time in San Francisco the first two weeks for training.
Now he is working on their client GenCorp (who is just a short drive away!)

Jack & I have been spending lots of time together at home.
We're best friends :]
Jack is growing like a weed!
Everyone thinks he is 3 or 4 months old.  He is only 7 weeks (today)!
He thinks Daddy is so funny.
He is sleeping through the night (as mentioned above) 6-8 hours!
He gets tummy aches a lot because he has a hard time with BM's.
The poor baby spends a couple hours each day just trying to go potty.
He loves his bunny blanket, his swing, and his bouncer.
And he just loves to be held.
He loves car rides.
and he LOVES walks. If he isn't tired his eyes are glued open the whole time looking at everything!
if he is sleepy he keeps his eyes open as long as he can then falls asleep and stays that way the whole walk.
He sometimes likes his pacifier and sometimes not.
He is NOT a fan of tummy time.  I feel so bad for him that I just don't make him do it even though the doctor told me to have him do it for 15 minutes each day (in 5 minute intervals).
I have him do it for like 5 minutes every other day.
I just can't stand his sad little face!
Even though I sometimes miss my job at Moutainwest Foot & Ankle,
being a mommy is the best job ever.
I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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