worth it.

I am a stay-at-home mom.
It means I'm on-the-clock 24/7.
It means my lunch "break" is really not a break at all
but more of just a race against nap time.
It means living off one income
and going without a lot of nice things.
It means changing every messy diaper
and every dirty outfit.
It means I spend a good portion of my days without adult interaction
[yes, it can get lonely.]

But it also means
not missing one smile
or giggle
or coo.
It means not missing one opportunity 
to snuggle
or play
or give kisses.
It means I will be the one
to teach
to listen
to comfort
all the time

If someone offered me a job that paid a million dollars
I would say
no thanks, I'd rather be doing this.
Because I can already tell
it's worth it.

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