Go Big Red!

Monday, October 29, 2012

On Friday Tom, Jack & I went to support Jai at her last high school cheer home game.
It was senior night so all the senior cheerleaders & football players were recognized on the field.
Jamie walked with my mom & dad, Chris & her best friend Victoria.

Okay, they were so far away so the picture is horrible but my dad is in the BYU sweatshirt, then my mom, then Jamie, then Victoria and Chris in the Alaska sweatshirt.

Baby Jack has discovered his fists and loves them!

Mom, Jamie, Dad

Jack & Daddy

Cheering on the Lancers!

Please ignore my extra long shirt.
I had just finished nursing Jack and clearly forgot to tuck my tank top back in.

Cute little Jai

Jamie's the flyer in the middle.
She's always in the middle which I love because she's easy to find!
I don't know if that's a perk of being head cheerleader or if its just lucky.

This is half-time cheer. Jai starts middle right.
Go Big Red!

Welcome to house #11.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

So after we left house #10, our realtor said
"I want to show you something."
He pulled out his iPad and pulled up a house.
He said "it's a little bit smaller than you wanted but I think you might like it."
Because our search is set to only send us homes 1200 sq ft and above
this one would not come through to us.
He just happened to come across it and thought of us.
Let me tell you, that's a good realtor.
[his name is Tim Pantle if you are ever looking for a home in the Sacramento area]
He showed us a few pictures on the listing
and we agreed to go see it.
So we headed to house #11.
City: Rancho Cordova
Price: $139,000
*just dropped from $169,000 three days ago
3 bed/2 bath
1063 sq feet

Living area.
Nice laminate floors.
Ceiling fan.
So far, so good.

[living area from other side of room]

Newer cabinets and they're white
which is my favorite!

Dining room

These cabinets are in the laundry room.
Yes, they need to be painted. But the storage!!

Laundry room.
That wall is unfinished for some reason
and the cabinets need to be painted.
Besides that...a laundry room in a house built in 1964!
[it's an addition]

Granite counters.
Gas range.

Guest Bedroom #1

Guest bedroom #2

...with a solar system light.
HAHA that's got to go!

Master bath.
Completely updated.
I love the sink.

Master shower.
We think we'll re-do it eventually.
Get rid of those horrible floral tiles.

Cedar-lined closets.
I didn't know this was such a prized feature of a home.
Apparently it is.

Huge backyard!

...with a huge mulberry tree.

Guest bath.
Completely remodeled.
We like everything except for the shower.
Sailor tiles have got to go.

One of the few problems we noticed was rust on the ceiling of the master bath.
But it's easy to fix with paint.

I can't decide if I like these closet doors or not.


Everything expensive has been updated already.
Nice laminate floors.
Granite counters in kitchen.
Cedar lined closets.
White cabinets in kitchen.
Big eat-in area of kitchen.
Although the kitchen isn't completely open to the living area, you can see it from the kitchen.
Tons of storage.
[there are two super long closets right outside the master bedroom in the hallway]
Whole house fan.
Newer roof.
New AC unit.
Ideal city.
Fannie-Mae home. This means we don't have to pay for mortgage insurance.
That will save us $180/month.


Bedrooms are minuscule.
We aren't sure our king bed will fit in the master.
If it does fit, it will be awfully squishy in there.
Ginormous yard.
Maybe some people would see that as a pro
but I see it as lots of time in upkeep.
Plus, what am I going to do with a big yard?
I would rather have a patio and a park nearby.
Chain link fence in back.
No fireplace.
So itty-bitty. 
We really didn't want a place less than 1200 sq ft.
It doesn't feel quite as tiny as it is
but it still feels small.

Overall, we liked this place.
I can so much easier picture us in an updated house.
We were hoping to live in a newer construction
in a newer neighborhood
but we just could not say no to saving $180/month in mortgage insurance.
So we made an offer.
$143,000 with seller assist in closing costs.

Signing the offer.

Our realtor seems optimistic that we will get this one.
I'm still a little bit sad about house #7
but we feel good about this one.
How could it be chance that our realtor
just happened to come across this house
10 minutes before he met us at house #10?
And it just happened to be 3 days after they brought the price down by 30,000.
It's probably not luck.
I really think we could be happy here.

One of my biggest pieces of advice to house-hunters
is to not decorate your home in your head before you actually get it.
I have not been following that advice.

This is our list of fixes/additions we want to do:

Add a real fence to backyard.
Paint cupboards in laundry room.
Paint the whole interior.
Paint exterior.
Replace carpet in bedrooms.
Trim mulberry tree.
Remove solar system light.
Buy a fireplace from Costco. Add to living room.
Shelve the hallway closets.
Replace doors on hallway closets
[they are falling off]
Re-do showers [eventually].
Re-sod front/back yards.

And guess what?
Because this house is so affordable
and we don't have to pay mortgage insurance
we can actually afford to do those things.
We can also pay off our student debt faster.
and save more money for our next house.
We plan to be in our first house about 5 years.
and then move on to bigger & better things.

This might be the last house I welcome you to
until 5ish years from now.

Perhaps the hunt is done.

Update: We did not get this house.
It sold for $149,000.

House #10

Welcome to house #10.

City: Rancho Cordova
Price: 159,000
3 bed/2 bath
1405 sq ft

Formal living.
Notice fireplace.
Also notice mirror on far left.
There were like 6 of those. What the?

Not. A. Fan.

Other half of kitchen.
I really try to look past people's style & messes.
But really, can't you at least do the dishes before you show your house?

Guest room #1.

Kitchen overlooking living area.
It's not necessarily open to the living area
but you can see it so how picky can I really get?

Master bedroom.

Master bath.

Master bath.

Guest bath.

Guest room #2


I didn't like this house from my second step inside of it.
It would be the first step except I saw the fireplace first
and I'm a sucker for fireplaces.
The rest of the house was not so good.


Kitchen kind of open to living area.
In our ideal city.
Separate living/family rooms.
Bedrooms are a decent size.


Dated finishes.
Super tiny kitchen with pretty much zero storage space.
I have no idea where we would store half our kitchen stuff.
Electric range with no gas to house.
All carpet.

I really just wasn't feeling this house.
I think I partially was comparing it to the new model home we just came from
[that's a mistake, don't do that in your house hunt.]
and partially was starting to feel like we would never find something I actually loved
and could afford.
Thankfully, T & my mom noticed there were structural issues with the house.
So I didn't have to feel like I was saying no to everything
just because it didn't feel right.
I know you have to be practical but I want it to feel like I can make the house at home.
I always imagine myself and Jack in the house during the day...
sometimes I can picture it.
Sometimes I just feel like there is no way it would feel like my own.
On to house #11.

Update: This house sold for the listing price of $159,000.

We Wish #1

Welcome to house we wish.
4 new model homes just opened up in my parents' neighborhood.
We would love to live here but unfortunately it's just not in the budget.
We wanted to see the houses anyway.
I guess just to drool over them and then feel sad that we can't buy them.
Enjoy wishing with us:

Rain shower head? Yes, please.

Love how they put the shower curtain up so high.
It made the bathroom look so much bigger.
I'm totally doing that in our real house.

Cute paint idea, right?
Not a fan of the colors but I love the idea.

Those pictures were from all different models.
The following pictures are from the smallest/least expensive model.

City: Rancho Cordova
[Trentino at Stone Creek]
Price: 262,950
3 bed/2 bath
1347 sq ft.

Yes, it's a drawing from their website.
I forgot to take a picture.

Floor plan.
First & only time you get one of those on my blog!

Entry. Living area. Kitchen in back [clearly].

That couch is like my dream couch.
Tom doesn't like it though.

Granite counters.
Stainless steel appliances.
Open kitchen.
PS. This isn't one of those models where everything is an upgrade.
The starting price is the actual price. Just how you see the model home.

Dining room.
Again, please notice the gorgeous granite counters.

Master bedroom.

Sliding doors to backyard in master bedroom.
No walk-in closet but his/hers.

Master bath.
Storage. Check.
Granite Counters. Check.
I'm in love. Check.

Tub with shower over.
Notice rain shower head again.

Master toilet.
Would you decorate your toilet area so cute?
I'm not sure if I would think to hang pictures...

Guest bedroom #1

Guest bath.
Again notice the high-hung curtain.

Guest bedroom #2

Laundry room storage galore.

Laundry room.

And I just had to take one last picture of the couch.
The pillows are extra cute, too.


Perfect starter home.


We can't afford it.


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