3 months!

Jack Jack is 3 months old!
In some ways it feels like it can't possibly have been just three months ago that he came into our family.
In other ways, we can't believe we've only had him three months!

Some things about Jack at 3 months:
he laughs at anybody who sticks their tongue out
sometimes he copies you and sticks his tongue out too
[purposely? i don't know.]
he is a very sweet & easy baby
he takes lots of cat naps throughout the day
he falls asleep all by himself
[sometimes I still rock him to sleep just because I like to hold him but I don't have to]
he used to sleep through the night but has been waking up 1-2 times per night to eat
everybody comments on how healthy he is! - he's a big boy!
he can hold his head up really well
he loves to stand up
he kicks his legs when he is happy
he smiles and laughs a lot
he eats every 3.5-5 hours during the day
and 5-8 hours at night
he loves when daddy comes home!

he holds his thumbs in his fists all the time
he likes to grab hair
he loves anything that makes jingling sounds
he loves the mickey mouse club song
when he wants to he can roll over from his tummy to his back
he still hates tummy time
he talks a lot
he loves mr. bunny and he sometimes likes his binky

he loves his baby gym and toys that make music
he loves when you jangle a necklace or keys above his face
he graduated to size 3 diapers about two weeks ago
he loves books
even though he is still so young, he stares at the pages
and laughs and smiles the whole time you read to him
he can sleep anywhere, through anything
he's very snuggly

he loves to be held by his cousins

his favorite place in the house is the changing table.
we still can't figure out why.

We love you, Jack Jack!
Happy 3 months!

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