apple hill.

there's this wonderful place here
called apple hill.
i haven't been in years and really wanted to go
since we are back in california.
so T took the day off today
and our little family
+ my mom
took a little trip up to apple hill.

first we went to the wrong part of apple hill
and looked around in some museum for a few minutes.
then we called T's sister to ask what part of apple hill was the good part.
we got back in the car and headed to the good part.
we looked at the crafts people sell
then enjoyed an apple fritter
and divine hot apple cider.
then we bought 3 small pieces of fudge to share.
chocolate raspberry.
dark chocolate nut.
so delicious.
we then took pictures at the miniature pumpkin patch.

Jack discovered he has a hand this week and has been loving sucking on it,

Jack & Grandma
 by then we were just about ready to go.
so we bought apples to make two apple pies
and of course a few apples to eat!
I really wanted a caramel apple
but was so stuffed from the apple fritter, apple cider and fudge
plus there was a line
plus they cost like $5-$7.
plus we had homemade caramel apples on monday.
[thanks mom!]
so we decided to pass today.
maybe next year.

to be honest, there really isn't that much to do at apple hill.
but, to me, it's totally worth the hour long drive
for fresh apples
the best hot apple cider you've ever had
cute pictures of Jack
a yummy apple fritter
and the feeling of autumn time.

if you're ever down this way,
i recommend it.

Look at the HUGE and totally crazy shaped pumpkin!

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