Go Big Red!

On Friday Tom, Jack & I went to support Jai at her last high school cheer home game.
It was senior night so all the senior cheerleaders & football players were recognized on the field.
Jamie walked with my mom & dad, Chris & her best friend Victoria.

Okay, they were so far away so the picture is horrible but my dad is in the BYU sweatshirt, then my mom, then Jamie, then Victoria and Chris in the Alaska sweatshirt.

Baby Jack has discovered his fists and loves them!

Mom, Jamie, Dad

Jack & Daddy

Cheering on the Lancers!

Please ignore my extra long shirt.
I had just finished nursing Jack and clearly forgot to tuck my tank top back in.

Cute little Jai

Jamie's the flyer in the middle.
She's always in the middle which I love because she's easy to find!
I don't know if that's a perk of being head cheerleader or if its just lucky.

This is half-time cheer. Jai starts middle right.
Go Big Red!

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