House #10

Welcome to house #10.

City: Rancho Cordova
Price: 159,000
3 bed/2 bath
1405 sq ft

Formal living.
Notice fireplace.
Also notice mirror on far left.
There were like 6 of those. What the?

Not. A. Fan.

Other half of kitchen.
I really try to look past people's style & messes.
But really, can't you at least do the dishes before you show your house?

Guest room #1.

Kitchen overlooking living area.
It's not necessarily open to the living area
but you can see it so how picky can I really get?

Master bedroom.

Master bath.

Master bath.

Guest bath.

Guest room #2


I didn't like this house from my second step inside of it.
It would be the first step except I saw the fireplace first
and I'm a sucker for fireplaces.
The rest of the house was not so good.


Kitchen kind of open to living area.
In our ideal city.
Separate living/family rooms.
Bedrooms are a decent size.


Dated finishes.
Super tiny kitchen with pretty much zero storage space.
I have no idea where we would store half our kitchen stuff.
Electric range with no gas to house.
All carpet.

I really just wasn't feeling this house.
I think I partially was comparing it to the new model home we just came from
[that's a mistake, don't do that in your house hunt.]
and partially was starting to feel like we would never find something I actually loved
and could afford.
Thankfully, T & my mom noticed there were structural issues with the house.
So I didn't have to feel like I was saying no to everything
just because it didn't feel right.
I know you have to be practical but I want it to feel like I can make the house at home.
I always imagine myself and Jack in the house during the day...
sometimes I can picture it.
Sometimes I just feel like there is no way it would feel like my own.
On to house #11.

Update: This house sold for the listing price of $159,000.

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