House #2

Welcome to house #2
City: Rancho Cordova
[Gold River]
Listing Price: $200,000
3 Bed/2 Bath
1440 sq feet

Front bedroom.
But it isn't really a bedroom.
It's an office.
With a closet without doors.
And not completely closed off.

See these?
They are in that bedroom.
That doesn't really bother me.
We could still put a child in there and use it as a bedroom.

Front living space with a half wall to lead to the kitchen and back living space.

Backyard. Cute.

Back living space.
I think that fireplace is ugly.

Kitchen. Lots of cupboard space.
OPEN to living area.
Probably the #1 thing on my list.

Nice enough.

Um. I think this is the linen closet/storage closet.

Master bath.

Guest Room.

Half of the master.

The other half of the master.
Yes, it's huge!
We thought of all kinds of things we could use this extra space for.
Attached nursery.
Sitting room.

And a little sneak peak at the garage :]

Possibility of 4 bedrooms
[you will see more about the possibility part in the cons]
Kitchen open to living space
Plenty of kitchen storage
Plenty of storage in general.
Huge master bedroom!
Gas range.

The 4 bedroom possibility is kind of a mess.
There are really only 2 bedrooms in this house.
The third option is to close off that front office room
[where the shutters were]
and the 4th option is to close off that extra part of the master
and turn it into a bedroom.
Linoleum floors.
[better than carpet!]
Barely any room in the kitchen for a table.

Overall, the house is just OK.
We didn't love it.
And for being at the top of our price range,
it just wasn't worth it.
On to house #3!

Update: This house sold for $235,000 in April 2013.

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