House #3

Welcome to house #3

City: Rancho Cordova
Listing Price: $155,000
3 Bed/3 Bath
1658 sq feet

Yes, it's a townhouse.

Yes, it's 3 stories.

Okay.  I sort of need to explain the house first.
You walk in the front door and there are stairs to go up or down.
If you go down you get to a living space, the garage, outdoor enclosed patio, and a totally random
bedroom? office? storage space? cave?
[we don't really know what it is]
If you went upstairs instead
you get to the kitchen, laundry, a bedroom, main living space, a bathroom
and another outdoor living space.
Then you go up another flight of stairs.
Master bedroom with bath, bedroom, another bath, another outdoor living space.
Okay so this is the downstairs living area.
The floors are concrete.
Supposedly that's "in."
I can't decide if I like it or not.

I really hate that damask wallpaper and all the black trim.
The little bit of carpet you see are the stairs to go back up to the front door.
The door straight ahead goes to the garage.
The doorway on the right is the random room.
I think we would use it as an office or storage.

Main living area.
The doors go out to your little balcony.
Behind the person taking this picture
[yes, I forgot my camera at home and phone in the car so these pictures are from the listing]
is a bedroom and a bathroom and laundry.
They are standing right in front of the stairs.
Kitchen table would have to go in front of those sliding doors.

See? There is no room in the kitchen for a table.
Unless you want to always be running into it.
Plenty of cupboard space.
Missing a drawer...random?

Bedroom on second floor.

Upstairs bedroom.
Yes, it's an eyesore.
This would be Jack's room.
It needs a serious paint job.

Master bedroom.

Master bath. See where the wall splits on the left?
There is a little alcove where you could put like a dresser or armoire or something.
Love that!

Master bath.

Too bad they don't have a picture of the third floor outdoor living space.
The view is so cool!
We totally do not mind that this place has no grassy area.
There is a park right around the corner
and all the outdoor living spaces/balconies are so cool!
Everyone says 3 stories would be so horrible.
Maybe so. But I kind of like it!

This place is by far the biggest we will probably see.
Most homes in the 1600 sq ft range are way out of our price range.
Sooo much storage space in this place! - love that.
Gas range.
3 bathrooms! Even though that means extra cleaning I really like that - great for guests!
Walk-in master closet.

Needs a lot of updates.
Definitely new carpets
[they were disgusting!]
new paint. the walls were horrible.
not just the pink wall. all the other walls were so nasty.
No room for a kitchen table.
It wouldn't look bad to be in front of the sliding doors if all the flooring was the same though so it looked connected to the kitchen.
Three floors. I guess this is a con but I really feel like I wouldn't mind it all that much.
Except that does mean a lot of baby gates and lots of worrying about Jack.
No fireplace. I just think they make a house look so homey!
Biggest con? $170/month HOA.
That is pretty much the sole reason we said no to this place.
Without that, I think we would have made an offer.
Stupid HOA.
By the way. It doesn't even pay for anything except for maintenance of the community.
It's not even gated or anything.
What a ripoff!
On to house #4.
[even though I do still love this place]

Update: This house sold for the asking price of $155,000.

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