House #4

Welcome to house #4.

City: Citrus Heights
Listing Price: $189,000
3 Bed/2 Bath
1205 sq feet
Warning: this house is gorgeous. be careful not to fall in love.
So you walk in and this is what you see:

Yes, it's gorgeous.
Fireplace. Love.
Those floors are actually laminate
but they look a lot like wood. Very much love.

Stainless steel appliances.
Granite counters.
Gorgeous cabinets.
Tile floor.
Brick backsplash.
Everything I could ever want and more!

Oh my goodness, the backsplash.
I drool over it every time I look at this picture.

Bedroom #1. Good size. Ceiling fan.

Bedroom #2. Good size. Ceiling fan.

Bathroom #1.
So prettyyyy.

Master bed.
Really good size. Ceiling fan.

Walk-in closet.
Ahhh, love. I've never had one of these in my whole life.

I just had to take one last picture of the front room before I left.
It's too gorgeous not to.


Kitchen open to living
Feels spacious
Walk-in closet
Everything 100% updated
[this house is a flip. an investor bought it 6 weeks ago, remodeled the entire interior, selling for a lot more than he bought it for!]
Granite counters.
Stainless steel appliances.
Gorgeous floors in main living area.
Kitchen Island.


Electric range.

Now after seeing these pictures you might be thinking
get an offer in! quick!
which is what I wish I could have been thinking too.
but if you ever watch house hunters
[which, by the way, is totally scripted.
that is not at all how house hunting works.
yes, i was sad too.]
or talk to someone who has bought a house
or has any real estate sense
then you will know this:
it's better to buy the worst house in the best neighborhood
than the best house in the worst neighborhood.
if we were to put an offer in on this we would be doing the latter.
not a good idea.
The outside of the house is cute and all
but if you were to drive through the neighborhood with us to get to the house
you would say no too.
there are about a million duplexes and apartments surrounding it.
now that's not to say that everybody who lives in a duplex or apartment is a bad person.
not at all.
but when you get a lot of renters you have a lot of lower income families.
unfortunately, that generally means a lot of people who don't take care of their homes
or make lots of trouble.
it's just a general rule.
we've been apartment-dwellers for the last several years.
we were low-income because we were students and young with low-paying jobs
but we were working hard.
the people we worry about are the ones living on government assistance
for the rest of their lives
and being lazy and not working at all
and wasting their lives away.
who wants a neighbor like that?
and also, our realtor told us that two streets over used to be a street you did not want to drive down at night. he said the city has demolished a lot of the grungy housing so it's improving but that is a big warning sign.
This house is a big no.
The good news? I'm sure this house looked much more trashy before they fixed it up.
That means we could [slowly] transform a not-so-pretty house in a nicer neighborhood
to look just as lovely as this one.
I think the backsplash will be my first update.
Goodbye, pretty house.
On to house #5.

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