House #5

Welcome to house #5.
[are you tired yet?]
it might take many more houses so try to stay patient.

City: Sacramento [Rosemont area]
Listing Price: $150,000
3 Bed/2 Bath
1297 sq feet

This is what you see when you walk in:

Hardwood floors?
Nope. Laminate again.
Aren't they gorgeous?
I love the fireplace but Tom thinks it's too 70's.
I guess brick would be cuter but I don't mind the rock.
I just love fireplaces. Real ones.

Yes, it could afford some updating.
But it has good bones!
Open to the living area.
Gas range, love the shape and open-ness.
Would eventually want to replace countertops and cabinets.
Get stainless steel appliances.
And a new sink.

Extra living space.
I love that it has two living spaces.
I prefer two smaller living spaces
instead of one large one.
I would like to have a formal living area
that is always clean and beautiful
and then a less-formal family area
where it can be messy and comfy.
Tom thinks two living spaces are pointless.
He prefers one large living space.
He doesn't understand why I want a room that is never used.
I guess when you put it that way it does sound silly.
But I still want it.

Eat-in kitchen.
Look at the pretty chandelier. Like.

Bedroom. Carpets are nice and newer-looking.
I don't love carpet but I don't mind having it in the bedrooms.

Master bath.
It's kind of weird because it's like a hotel where the sink is outside of the bathroom
and then the shower and toilet are behind the door.
But I don't really think I mind that.
Yes, the countertops are horrible.
And so is the faucet.
But those are things I could live with until we could afford to replace them.

Master toilet/shower area.

Master bedroom

Guest bath.
Try to not vomit at the site of those countertops...again.

Guest bedroom.

I really loved this place.
If you've ever been inside my aunt Susan's house
[most of you probably have not]
it is the exact same floor plan.
[she lives in the same neighborhood]
I think the floor plan is great.
It's roomy and cute and cozy.
Tom, on the other hand, did not like it so much.
You have to be patient when you are house-hunting with someone else
because you don't always like the same things.
And it's important for both of you to like it.
But you also have to remember that you might have to give up some things
so your other half can have some of the things they want too.


Two separate living areas. Love.
Gas range.
Gorgeous flooring in living area.
Kitchen open to living.
Big closet in master
[not a walk-in but it was sooo long!]
Great floor plan.
Large eat-in kitchen
On a court - love!


Minimal storage space in bathrooms.
Minimal storage in kitchen.
Um. There's a huge cat problem!
We saw like at least five cats in the backyard.
Tom asked the realtor how you handle a cat problem.
His solution? "Get a dog."
Me: OKAY! [sold.]
Ugly formica counters in kitchen
Dislike all finishes in kitchen
Small bedrooms

In the end, Tom didn't really like the neighborhood.
I can get on-board with that because there is very minimal shopping in Rosemont.
You have to go 10-15 minutes for almost anything good.
Target. Walmart.
Malls [more like 20-30 minutes]
Good grocery stores
[there is like only one in the area]
Kind of a pain in the patootie [patooty?] if you ask me.
This place had all my must-haves
but it just was not meant to be.
On to house #6.

Update: This house sold for $185,000 in July 2013.

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