House #6

Welcome to House #6.

City: Rancho Cordova
Listing Price: $128,000
3 Bed/2 Bath
1313 sq feet

Front of house:

It's cute & clean.
Nice landscaping.
PS I forgot to take pictures at this house so these are the listing pictures.

Super cute! I love this part of the house.

This is what you see when you walk in.
Love the fireplace.
Hate the paneling.
That has to go, definitely.
Want to know a secret?
There are probably hardwoods under this carpeting!

It's one large living area.
I don't know what to do with such a large space.
I feel like it just ends up looking cluttered.
I hate multi-functional spaces.

Dining room.
No room in the kitchen for the table.
I think dining rooms are a little bit pointless
and I hate that there's carpet in there
[but possibly hardwoods underneath?]
I still think a dining room is wasted space.

Let me just tell you, I hate galley kitchens.
Being closed off from the world while you cook?
Cooking is punishment enough.
I would hate to have to do it in exile.
Okay, I'm a little bit dramatic.
But really, I hate it.

But the cabinets are nice.
The countertops are not.

Bedroom. Cute.

Bedroom. Cute. Love those hardwoods! Seriously, look at those!

Cute. Updated. That's a granite countertop!

Master bath.
So super teeny tiny.
You can't see the shower but there is barely walking space in there because the shower is so close to the sink and toilet.

Okay so when I look at the pictures of this house I don't have as much distaste for it as I did when we walked through it.
I just didn't like it at all when we walked through.
Tom really liked it.
He liked large living space
the wood floors
the backyard.
I hated the kitchen.
the really horrible light fixtures and doors
[no pictures of those, sorry].
If the kitchen could have been opened up to the living space
we probably would have made an offer.
I just think I would really, really hate that a lot.

Backyard is super cute.
1/2 block away from elementary school.
[a pretty good one, too]
cute & quiet neighborhood
good landscaping in front
updated guest bath
gas range

dated baseboards, doors, light fixtures
kitchen closed off
Small master closet
very minimal storage in master bath

Okay, I feel like I was maybe too hard on this house when we walked through.
Now that I really sit down and think about it, I guess it would have worked okay.
I just really, really dislike the kitchen being closed off.
I don't like that I wouldn't be able to see Jack playing while I cook.
I don't like when you have a party you can't talk to your guests while you're in the kitchen.
I don't like that while you are cooking dinner you are away from the rest of the family.
It just makes the kitchen seem like such a sad place to be.
It really soured me on the whole place.
We said no to this property.
On to house #7.

Update: This house sold for $128,300.

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